Four restaurants in Lucca: chef Borghese among the people, filming begins

Lucca, November 14, 2023 – The episode will be broadcast in 2024. But now the filming of Quattro Ristoranti Lucca has gone crazy. The famous Sky program by Alessandro Borghese returns to Tuscany and makes sure to choose the best restaurant in town.

And on the morning of Tuesday, November 14, fans of the chef and host went crazy with autographs and selfies. He walked the Wall and immortalized Lucca’s beauty in some Instagram stories.

Chef Borghese in Lucca

Chef Borghese in Lucca

He was the one who worked to organize the episode ordinary with the tourism office, which coordinated the logistics and organization of television traffic to support the production and will continue to do so these days.

“A collaboration that is highly desired by the representatives of the city administration, which will guarantee the city a new showcase of national importance and will be able to highlight the typical features of the local cuisine,” says the municipality.

In the late morning, the production and the well-known presenter met with the mayor Mario Pardinicouncilor Remo Santini, who coordinated contacts with the production of the program, and other members of the council, shortly before entering the first of four restaurants in the historic center that will host Borghese and his staff for a challenge with the culinary excellence of Lucca.

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