Fried Grown Pasta | I do it like this, but why do you have to put something in the pancakes | so they are delicious –

Fried raised pasta, I make them like this, but since something has to be put in the pancakes, they are excellent. Try it according to my recipe and you will see.

If we want something that is delicious, tasty and variable in taste and filling, then you must definitely try fritters or more commonly known as zeppole. That’s right, fried zeppole are a typical specialty of Campania. Naples in pole position for these quick preparations and especially appetizers.

Fried cultured pasta

Fried zeppole are nice little balls dipped in oil but not necessarily stuffed. In fact, we often think of fried zeppole as little balls filled with vegetables, anchovies, seaweed, if we want to give you a taste of the sea. But why do we necessarily have to stuff them? Absolutely not, if we taste it pure as it is, if we fry the cultured pasta simply as it is, we will have an exaggerated explosion of flavors.

Fried cultured pasta

Plain or filled, fried sprouted pasta is something you can’t help but try. You must definitely break the rules and enjoy these delicious fried bites with flavor.


300 g of flour

250 g of water

15 g of yeast

salt 5 g

seed oil

Fried raised pasta, I make it like this, but who said you have to put something in pancakes. Method

Very simple preparation, it will actually be enough to put the flour and water in which we dissolved the yeast well into a large container (don’t forget that the water must be slightly warm when dissolving the yeast). Start mixing everything well and combine, at the end add the salt specified in the recipe. To be clear, 5 grams of salt is about a teaspoon.

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How to make fried sprouted pasta

Once we get a smooth and homogeneous dough, it’s time to rise and then cover with a clean cloth and put in the oven, switched off, until it doubles in volume. As soon as the mixture rises, we continue frying and then we take a pan in which we heat the oil from the seeds. Take a few pieces of dough and dip them in hot oil until they are evenly browned. Place them on absorbent kitchen paper and once the dough is done, sprinkle our risen dough with salt. Here are the zeppoles I fell in love with at first bite.

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