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fulvio marino true love
Fulvio Marino – ifood (photo on Instagram)

He can’t take it anymore because the announcement he made really makes him happy. Thanks to this, a new member will be added to the family.

No one is happier than him right now. The news pleased him greatly, so much so that he could not help sharing it with anyone. His social media posts speak volumes, his family is finally growing!

This clearly pleased everyone, even his fans who they can’t wait to see the new member finally born after so much effort and commitment. Everyone is really happy about it.

Who knows how happy Antonella Clerici will be. She’s been working with Fulvio Marino for a while now, since “La Prova del Cuoco”, so Queen Rai must be really happy for him and what just happened to him. It’s always nice when something new becomes a part of life, whether it’s a person or a project.

But here is who entered the family of Fulvio Marino. Who made him so happy.

A life dedicated to yeast products

Fulvio Marino has long dedicated his life to the world of fermented products. He seems to have always had this passion, so much in a very short time he came to this world. At just 20 years old, he created his own sourdough starter and has come a long way in the baking world over time.

He has created different types of bread and worked with the biggest chains in Italy and now this new piece has been added to his life. A new member has joined the family, but here’s who.

fulvio marino Ligurian recipes
Fulvio Marino – ifood (photo on Instagram)

New book by Fulvio Marino

Whoever entered Fulvio Marino’s life is not really a person, but a book, although for him writing was almost like giving birth to a child. Is called “Last but not least in the oven” and is available in all bookstores and digital stores these days.

This is how he announced it:Last but not least, here it is in the oven. It’s mine, but now it’s yours too. Flip through it with your fingers kissed with the butter of a roll, let a few grains of flour fall between the pages so that it takes on the aroma of vanilla. Let him live!“. How much joy there is in his words.

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