Futsal RSM, La Fiorita and Fiorentino are not giving up. First hurray for Libertas

La Fiorita also passes the Folgore test and continues to remain arm in arm with Fiorentino. Galli’s side beat Zonzini by a goal in each half: Gasperoni takes the lead, Belloni doubles. Defeat costs the Giallorossi and the Black band overtaking Tre Fiori, which fully respects the forecast of the previous day at the junction with Cailungo. Bugli’s team is closing in on a double, opening the floodgates with Verri and opening them wide, especially with Esposito, the author of Personal Poker. The Burioni brothers – first Filippo and then Lorenzo – and goalkeeper Andreani as well as Crescentini also got on the scoresheet. From there comes the score of another goalkeeper – Serafini – and Moroni with the oxen having already largely escaped from the stable. Moroni in the score sheet also v a match between Faetano and Domagnan, easily won by Wolves who rose to three consecutive successes and caught Virtus at ease. Capone opened and closed the scoring in a match in which Lorenzo Bollini also found fame. Domagnano 3-0 was an own goal by Bacciocchi; Moroni’s fierce shot at the end reignites the challenge for just thirty seconds, the time it takes Domagnano to center the ball and score his fourth and final goal of the evening.

Fiorentino confirms itself as the only team with the maximum number of points. The seventh win out of seven (21 points also for La Fiorita, who played a game more) comes against Juvenes-Dogana, fresh from two draws with Folgor and Cosmos and 4-0 ruled by Michelotti’s band, who opened and closed the scoring in the first half of the game. Busignani has the advantage, who is accompanied on the scoreboard by Gasperoni and Cevoli, who embellishes his evening with a brace.

Despite this, the 17th rossobl├╣ is forced to leave the top spot in the goalscoring table to one Moretti went on a rampage, scoring five goals in San Giovanni. It is an evening of great offensive inspiration for all the Muratas against the bottom of the only group: the Juventus team had to atone for two consecutive defeats and did it with interest, writing 12-2 inaugurated after only 1′ from El Attaro, who will end his evening with a hat-trick as his Albani’s teammate. However, the big star is Moretti, as already mentioned. Felici has to “make do” with a single marking instead. No confirmations for San Giovanni after the victory obtained against Faetano. The Rossoneri team only suffered a little in the evening with the centers of Zanotti and Berardi.

Libertas finds its first championship success, it moves away – but not too far – from the darkest areas of the chart. Comes 2-1 certified against Cosmos double by Alan Bacciocchiafter the yellow-green found the first advantage with Zafferani. All this takes place in the space of only 12′. The program of the 8th day of the championship will be supplemented tomorrow with the postponement of the Multievent between Pennarossa and Tre Penne, both equally 9 points and both “hungry” after overtaking against Juvenes-Dogan.

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