Futsal RSM, Titano Cup: Fiorentino and La Fiorita at Forza 4 Tre Fiori book the semi-finals

Fiorentina’s title defense started with a convincing 4-0 against Domagnan. Michelotti’s team starts already in the first half, closed with a 3-0 Cevoli brace interspersed with a Filippo Dolcini own goal. The score is settled at the end of the game, with Busignani putting the seal on victory for the rossobl├╣ with a sideline play and projecting the reigning champions towards a return match in which they will be able to manage their advantage to some extent. range.

The same goes for La Fiorita, although Galli’s team, unlike Michelotti’s, had to concede a goal to the opposition on the night. Juvenes-Dogana will actually have a less challenging mountain than Domagnano, although it is still an impenetrable mountain. La Fiorita broke the deadlock in the 10th minute with Belloni at 1-0, also a result of a pitch change. At the dawn of the second half, it was Gasperoni who widened the gap before Levani’s side found a way to halve the Bologna gap. A reply from La Fiorita arrives shortly after, returning to +2 with Bernardi. Immediately, Giuccioli, the author of the final 4-1, got on the scoreboard.

At Dogana Tre Fiori, 8-1 attacked a very decimated Murat. The Juventus team, together with Albani, tried to contain the yellow-blue storms, which instead unleashed with all their might, until they approved the verdict, which, barring sporting miracles in the second leg, already projects Bugli’s team into the semi-finals. Urbinati starts the Golead, joined on the scoresheet by Esposito, Filippo Burioni (double), Lorenzo Burioni (double), Michele Casadei and Daniel Casadei. The gap between Libertas and Folgore is less wide after the first 60′. The runner-up team has a two-goal advantage: a good advantage, but not an absolute guarantee, especially compared to what happened in the other three quarters of the first leg. Bernardi’s brace in the first 8′ of the match seems to be directing the match rather eloquently.

However, Libertas found a way to respond immediately with Bacciocchi then repeating at the start of the second half following Pelliccioni’s 3-1 score. At this moment, Folgore tries for the decisive extra time: Chezzi and Biordi score, but the final word of the match is still garnet, with David Rossi is hoping for a comeback from the band trained by Penserini.

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