Ginger oil: how to prepare and use it

Find out how to prepare ginger oil and get the most out of it. A complete guide to creating this aromatic spice and unlocking the secret to its versatility in the kitchen.

Ginger is a “hot” spice especially valuable in autumn and winter, although due to its properties (you can discover them here) it should be eaten all year round.

A bit like turmeric, ginger also does not belong to our food tradition and we often do not know how to use it in the kitchen. If you want to get some ideas, you can experiment with some of these 10 recipes where ginger is the main character!

Here, instead, we propose a ginger oil, aromatic in the right place and ideal for dressing salads, raw and cooked vegetables, potatoes, fish or anything else. Try the flavor and adjust it to your taste, see what you think goes best with it, and then use it however you want it to satisfy your palate.


  • 500 ml extra virgin olive oil
  • 30 g of fresh ginger


Put yourself first ginger root, remove the outer part and cut into thin slices or (for more intense flavor, grate). The amount you put in the jar withextra virgin olive oil (500 ml) It varies depending on whether you want to make an oil with a more or less pronounced ginger flavor.

Generally 30-40 grams is used, but you can use less if you are worried that the taste will be too hot and spicy. Let the ginger macerate for a week together with the oil in a glass container in the dark, shake it several times a day. At this point, you can use the oil and you have two options: filter it first, or leave the pieces of ginger (especially if you grated it) to enrich your dishes!

The risk of botulinum? Like all oil preserves, this ginger-based product may not be immune to the risk of botulinum. The best way to avoid the risk is to freeze the oil before consumption.

Ginger is also a rare spice for the well-being of the body and hair, together with sesame oil it can be excellent anti-stretch massage oil for muscles but also against dandruff and hair strengthening.

Recipes with ginger

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