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Locatelli one step away from divorce, it would be his wife's fault
Giorgio Locatelli Ifood

Chef Locatelli was a step away from divorce despite his great love for his wife Plaxa some time ago. The reason is confusing.

I’m about to go back now, it’s practically here starting ribbonsbrand new season MasterChef Italy. Highly anticipated by the general public, it sees a new and excellent trio of veteran judges Bruno Barbierigood giant Antonino Cannavacciuolo and from Giorgio Locatelli.

The last one in particular is still, so to speak, even though several years have passed since 2018, new recordy It is actually the last to arrive after leaving Antonia Klugmann who, as we remember for the absolute duty of the record, was the most criticized referee of the entire Italian edition MasterChefwhich, on the contrary, she replaced Carlo Cracco.

George, Antonino AND Bruno they make no secret of being very good friends in life neither was he born among them very strong harmony. Which is quite palpable even for the home audience and makes the show much more enjoyable and exciting for those who watch it and watch it with such love.

This is actually without any doubtsone of main reasons why MasterChef has become so expected even for this new season, i.e thirteenth, which will arrive on the small screen in December 2023, although a date has yet to be confirmed. Meanwhile, a strange anecdote there was a lot of talk about it Chef Locatelli.

Giorgio Locatelli, life and love

Giorgio Locatelli he is an Italian chef who is also known abroad thanks to his great spirit entrepreneurial led him to open a number of locations around the world, with the precise aim of making his cuisine known to a wide range of people. One in particular remains his cornerstoneor Locanda Locatellibased in London.

It also became very well known for being a popular restaurant for a long time King Charles IIIwhere every time he appeared he gave way to his great love for tortellini in brothwith two servings. George Moreover, he has been married for years and is very much in love with his wife Plaxy, the British too. However, one episode in particular seems to have brought them on one step away from divorce.

Locatelli one step away from divorce, it would be his wife's fault
Giorgio Locatelli Ifood

“He almost asked me for a divorce,” a surprising statement

No betrayal by the company seems to have been the trigger George or her, given that the love between the two is still and absolutely stronger than ever, but an event to which they are sensitive Plaxes will help in the kitchen. This means that one day she saw the chef at her husband’s restaurant throw a live lobster into boiling water.

He almost asked me for a divorce!”, were the words George during the interview with Daily mail. The chef further said that since then they use a special machine for the same, without however suffer animals. Therefore, the wife was primarily interested in the method of cooking shellfish, but immediately downplayed the “whole thing”.

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