Growing olives with New Holland, between tradition and innovation

L’olive cultivation is one of the oldest agricultural activities in the world, but today it faces significant challenges, includingprice increase raw materials and increasing difficulties in finding them work qualified.

A study conducted by the company Ismearevealed that a number of other factors influence profitability olive growing companies. These include geographical location, characteristics of the territory, climatic factors, type of product sold and management skills.

In this context mechanization is proving to be a key solution for maintaining the competitiveness and sustainability of the industry.

The adoption of modern technology and advanced machinery is essential for the future of olive growing
The adoption of modern technology and advanced machinery is essential for the future of olive growing

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The influence of mechanization on olive cultivation

PUSH hand harvest olive requires many hours of work, often in difficult physical conditions. Addition, cost of labor seasonal income can represent a non-negligible part of the company’s budget. PUSH mechanized harvesting offers solutions to reduce dependence on labor, making production more efficient and economical.

Increase fuel and fertilizer prices negatively affected the profitability of agricultural companies. Mechanization can help reduce operating costs by using more energy-efficient machinery and optimizing cultivation processes.

However, they require more advanced agricultural machinery specific training and skills, but once you acquire them, they can effectively replace or support manual work, increasing the accuracy of operations. All this not only helps to maintain the competitiveness of companies, but also helps to ensure more sustainable production high quality olive oil.

New Holland, extra equipment for olive growers

It is experiencing a phase of rebirth thanks to technological innovation, New Holland recently introduced his Braud 11.90 X multia very high capacity self-propelled machine designed for use in harvesting not only grapes but also a wide range of small fruits such as olives and almonds in high density Ses (Super Efficient System) orchards.

For mechanized harvesting of New Holland olive groves we recommend the latest addition to the Braud range, 11.90

For the mechanized harvesting of olive groves, New Holland recommends the latest addition to the Braud range, 11.90
(Photo credit: New Holland)

11.90 horizontal shaking with 42 shakers that cover a collection width of 2 meters. This system is supported by an effective system norie transportwhich minimizes losses to the soil and keeps plant health intact.

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These new technologies respond to the growing needs of modern olive cultivation. With the Braud 11.90 x Multi, olive growers can optimize mechanical harvesting of olivesmaking the process more efficient and economically sustainable.

New Holland introduces the Braud 11.90X Multi, a new standard for harvesting in very high density olive groves

With Braud, cleaning is excellent

THE baskets transports the harvest to the upper part of the machine and unloads it on 2 conveyor belts. At the end of the discharge chute, a larger extractor removes debris by discharging it to the rear.

Carpets transport the harvest to two tanks located on the left and right sides, each holding up to 2,500 liters. This represents an increase of 500 liters compared to model 10.90X Olive. A single screw auger ensures even distribution of fruit in the tanks and ensures complete filling. In addition, a dedicated system allows static product weighing before unloading.

Olive harvesting system Braud 11.90 x Multi grape harvester from New Holland

Braud 11.90X Multi grape harvester olive harvesting system from New Holland

(Photo credit: New Holland)

Efficient and sustainable energy

Like already existing machines, the Braud 11.90X features a engine six cylinders FPT Nef 182bhp, Stage V compatible Hi-eSCR2 aftertreatment system and reverse fan cooled. Diesel and AdBlue are stored in tanks with a volume of 270 and 41 liters.

Also unchanged Hydrostatic transmission Twin Lock which, created Poclain, allows you to reach 25 kilometers per hour on the road. Lower speed than 10.90X (30 km/h) due to more weight. Thanks to the width of 3.50 meters, the machine moves easily even on uneven terrain front axle hydraulic suspension and tires (440/80R28 and 650/60R34) with a large footprint.

Ergonomics and comfort in the cabin

As with all New Holland Brauds, hut remains on the left for 11.90X as well. With a glass surface of 2.27 m2 and standard LED lights, it ensures thisgreat view of the rows. Driving comfort is high thanks to good noise insulation (less than 85 dBA), air conditioning, ventilated seat with air suspension and ergonomic controls.

Adjustable steering wheel, multifunction lever and IntelliView IV monitor on board New Holland Braud 11.90X

Adjustable steering wheel, multifunction lever and IntelliView IV monitor on board New Holland Braud 11.90X

(Photo credit: New Holland)

Through multifunction lever mounted on adjustable side armrests, the driver can control various parameters such as travel speed, incline and working height. Operation of shakers, aspirators and hydraulic pistons for tipping tanks can also be controlled from the cabin.

Work efficiency increases with a telematics system PLM connection (optional), which records operational parameters and sends them to the cloud portal. The complete package includes the Intellifield track sharing module. A row tracking system is available on request, which maps the rows on a color touch monitor IntelliView IV.

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