Gymnastics Riccione, three young athletes gain passage to the national finals

Double qualification for the Riccione Academy Gymnastics National Finals. Last weekend in Civitavecchia, Francesca Agostinelli, Adriana Poesio and Aurora Pilolla qualified for the national finals of the Italian Senior 1 Gold Championship scheduled for December 1-3 in Cuneo.

Francesca Agostinelli will compete in the all-around final, while Adriana Poesio and Aurora Pilolla, returning from a nagging injury, will compete in the vault and parallel bars finals.

“Great satisfaction because Francesca (Agostinelli, ed.) qualified in the all-around, i.e. on the whole apparatus, especially in the floor exercise (12.200), choreographed by Linda Pigozzi – says Francesco Poesio, president of Riccione Academy Gymnastics –. Adriana (Poesio, ed.) and Aurora (Pilolla, ed.) were injured at the Champions Cup in June, returned to competition after a few months, and despite a limited technical program, both qualified in one apparatus.

“Adrian – adds Poesio – she brought her strong color to the competition and recorded the seventh best score of the day out of 70 competing gymnasts. Aurora instead posted her fourth-best score of the day on bars despite making a mistake. This gives us hope for the final as he will have the opportunity to further improve his score. But the important thing is that they have both recovered well from injury for their debut in the A1 championship.”.

The Allieve 3A team of Margherita Cantelli, Miruna Scopet, Asia Migliaccio and Penelope Santoni achieved the second best result in the technical area in Rimini and will participate in the Gold Allieve Team National Finals scheduled for December 15-17. in Jesolo.

“We are happy because our gymnasts played an excellent championship and got a well-deserved qualification to the decisive stage – Poesio comments -. They were first in Cesena, third in Rimini in the second test and second, again in Rimini, in the technical area where companies from Emilia-Romagna, Abruzzo, Umbria and Marche competed”.

Margherita Cantelli took first place in the all-around, Miruna Scopet second.

With what assumptions will the Riccione Gymnastics Academy present itself at the national finals? “We are going to Cuneo with the intention of trying to express good gymnastics both from a technical and artistic point of view and with the desire to get as high as possible and hopefully qualify for the finals on Sunday, even if it doesn’t work out. keep calm. We are very confident about the finals in Jesolo: our young gymnasts will do their best to make a good impression.”

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