How to make cider without throwing away grape skins: Grandma’s zero waste recipe

Grape must goes well in many recipes, from cookies to cakes: let’s find out how to make it at home and how best to store it to enjoy the smell of autumn

The grape must it can be prepared at home by pressing grapes of the iconic autumn fruit. The result is unfermented juice with a low alcohol content. The color of the must varies according to the type of grape used.

Cider boasts many beneficial properties and can be used to make desserts such as vincotto or as a filling for cakes or other delicious cakes.

What is grape must

Must is obtained by pressing grapes and consists mainly of water and sugar with a sugar content of 20%.

The alcohol content of this drink is very low because it is not fermented. Grape must is the first product obtained during harvestin fact, wine is obtained by its fermentation.

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Advantages and features

Grape must is rich in important beneficial properties for our body. In fact, it contains anthocyaninsand leucoanthocyanins and catechins grape skins that have important properties antioxidants.

This food is also rich in vitaminsenzymes a mineral salts; plus the presence of phenol and tannic acid means this product works tooantiviral action.

Grape must recipe

The recipe for making grape must at home is really simple. Below are all the steps:

  • lava grapes carefully
  • separate grapes from stalks
  • at this point put it in a bowl and crush it with a mallet until all the grapes are broken
  • pass the crushed grapes through a food mill, preferably with small holes
  • filter the resulting juice using a strainer

Grape must can be stored in an airtight container or in a tightly closed glass bottle in the refrigerator to slow down the oxidation process.

Remember that Fresh grape must can be stored for 3/4 days in the refrigerator. If not used immediately, it is advisable to freeze it and use it later in recipes. (Also read: Harvest, the magic of an ancient tradition that follows the moon)

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