How to remove stains from a red festive tablecloth, even the most stubborn and oldest stains –

Now that Christmas is getting closer and closer, we all know that our good festive tablecloths will be permanently soiled… But let’s solve the problem with this effective trick.

Experiencing the holidays to the fullest also means that you can proudly boast of the beautiful good service that comes out only and exclusively for this occasion, i.e. tablecloths, napkins, plates, glasses and much more.

Dirty Party Tablecloth - RecipeSprint
Dirty Party Tablecloth – RecipeSprint

However, the real problem comes during the Christmas Eve series or Christmas lunch, but also on the evening of December 31st or the first day of the year, inevitably, no matter how careful we, our guests, try to be, our tablecloths will get dirty… but no worries, because I will reveal , how to bring them back to perfection with a trick, how to clean tablecloths and remove any stains on the fabric.

How to clean a party tablecloth if it has been soiled?

As we had the opportunity to explain the risk we face, even if our guests try to pay attention to a good tablecloth, but in no case do not worry, because in what you do not say, we have cleaned it and removed every stain present.

First of all, we have to distinguish between fresh stains and those that have already dried and aged. In the first case, we can prepare a mixture of vinegar and alcohol, which we apply to the stain and leave it on for about 15 minutes.

Dirty Party Tablecloth - RecipeSprint
Dirty Party Tablecloth – RecipeSprint

Next, take a tablecloth, soak it in water and rub the stain heavily with a little laundry soap, use a fabric brush and you will notice that the stain is gone. After that, we can proceed to classic washing in the washing machine.

Old stains on a party tablecloth: how to remove them

It may happen that the stains have already aged before you even proceed with the planned washing, but in this case it will be necessary to pay a little more attention and you will see that they will disappear anyway.

The first thing you need to do is take a slightly moistened Marseille soap and apply it to the stains after these steps have been carried out the tablecloth should be soaked in boiling water with a cap of dissolved soap and two tablespoons of salt. The tablecloth must remain like this all night, and if the stains fade but have not disappeared, repeat this operation a second time.

Dirty Party Tablecloth - RecipeSprint
Dirty Party Tablecloth – RecipeSprint

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When the stain has definitely disappeared, we can proceed to the planned washing in the washing machine and that’s it, the stains that threatened your tablecloth will disappear forever.

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