How to sharpen kitchen knives? I suggest you some infallible tricks –

Sharp knives in the kitchen are the biggest helper that many of us can have in everyday life when cutting different types of food, each blade for its purpose, but also for maintenance…

The real problem with knives once purchased is maintenance, which should always be done consistently and with great commitment to avoid the worst.

How to sharpen knives - RecipeSprint
How to sharpen knives – RecipeSprint

Since any type of knife used tends to have a dull blade, that being said, it doesn’t mean we have to take the knife and put it away, but we can make it as sharp as when we bought it.

Do you know how to sharpen knife blades?

It may seem like a trivial question to you, but in fact, we should ask ourselves this question every day, because after investing a certain amount in the purchase of knives, we should also take care of them. Recently, various companies in the industry have created knife holders that make them self-sharpening, so the blade problem shouldn’t occur as easily.

How to sharpen knives - RecipeSprint
How to sharpen knives – RecipeSprint

Otherwise, if you have knives but no blade to sharpen them know that you can use the stone… this will make the knives perfect again, but you have to be careful what type you use. Therefore, remember that a grenadine stone is used for lightly damaged knives, while a coarse grit stone is used for heavily damaged knives.

Did you know that you can sharpen the blade with a cup of coffee?

What I’m about to tell you may seem impossible, but it’s true… we can sharpen the blade of a knife by relying on coffee cups. In particular, our help comes to the outer bottom of the cup, which often remains raw after processing.

He will ensure that ceramics become ideal for sharpening knivesjust think that companies often use this material for this purpose.

How to sharpen knives - RecipeSprint
How to sharpen knives – RecipeSprint

So I recommend you take a fairly old mug from the pantry, then take the knife you need to sharpen and start rubbing the blade not too gently, but be careful not to cut yourself. Repeat this action for a few minutes and you will immediately notice that the blade of your knife will be as sharp as when you bought it.

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By implementing these tricks, you will notice that you have saved a lot of money because you will not have to buy more knives, but you will also give a new use to your old cups that you have not used. long time.

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