How to wash woolen and woolen bedspreads at home: avoid wasting money on laundry –

Don’t make mistakes! This is how you should wash fleece and wool blankets at home, you will save a lot of money, you will not have to take them to the dry cleaners.

It’s almost winter and fleece and woolen blankets are used a lot not only on the bed but also on the sofa and armchair. We really feel the need to warm up, but we know that after a while we have to wash them, but how to do it so as not to make mistakes?

How to wash fleece and woolen bedspreads at home, you will avoid unnecessary money for laundry
How to wash fleece and woolen bedspreads at home, avoid spending money unnecessarily at the Ricettasprint laundromat

Plaid is a widely used blanket at home, some prefer fleece, some prefer wool, but we know that taking care of it is important. Wool is a little more delicate, therefore it requires attention, in recent years it has been replaced by fleece, which is also cheaper and takes up less space. Let’s see how they are washed correctly so that there are no mistakes and they retain their softness so that they look like they were just bought.

How to properly wash fleece throws

Fleece is a very practical material, it is warm and, compared to woolen plaid, does not reduce the volume. However, we must pay attention to washing if we want to keep them soft for a long time.

Set the Ricettasprint plaid wash
Set the Ricettasprint plaid wash

We start putting the blanket in the washing machine and set the appropriate temperature, it is not recommended to exceed 40°. Put detergent in the compartment, we recommend liquid detergent. Don’t forget to add fabric softener to the dispenser, because if you leave it out, the fleece will harden and may become rough. Then, at the end of the wash, hang out to air dry well and put back in the closet.

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Wash wool blankets

In the case of woolen blankets, it is advisable to wash them in cold water by soaking them in the bath and not to continue washing them in the washing machine. We put the liquid soap in the sink, we recommend a specific one for woolen clothes, mix thoroughly, we recommend soaking the blanket for about half an hour, then it is recommended to rinse with cold water, to be sure, do this several times to remove all traces of detergent.

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We then let the blanket drain in the tub before putting it out to air in a sunny spot in the house. If the woolen blanket is not well dried, do not put it in the closet. We recommend leaving it outside for at least 4 days.

Hand wash wool blanket Ricettasprint
Hand wash wool blanket Ricettasprint

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