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What does it mean to always have a sweet tooth?
The craving for sweets continues Ifood

Be careful, the constant and eternal craving for sweet foods, commonly called sweets, can hide something serious.

THE sweets once upon a time, as she wanted traditionthey came get ready In occasion specific events and they came consumed anyway with cautionalthough the occasion awaited the great a sense of belonging and about, as they say today, being together, in the company of people dear and beloved to us.

Nowadays, it seems that the tradition of preparing them in our homes and kitchens has somewhat disappeared, because they can be bought in bulk in supermarkets and not only in pastry shops. Among other things, s.specialized supermarkets in a sector named precisely candy stores.

Especially since today, even the exact timing of sales has been lost a bit. Have you ever noticed that just for example, the first ones are already starting to appear in various stores panettone, pandora, nougats AND Christmas sweets already in last few weeks months Octoberif not actually September?

Equally dove and chocolate eggs they are present since day Borrowed. Less of a problem though, more than ever our health, can be represented by the fact that many of us often feel a constant and almost pathological need to introduce sweet foods into our bodies. “The whole thing” without worry cholesterol or from diabetes.

Constant need for sweets

One thing that needs to be said is that eating sweetswe’ve all noticed that, it generates us as a species a sense of well-being unless it’s real euphoria. This is caused by supply of endorphins caused by this type of food and we from the consequences to continue to feel it will be led to they want to consume more and more of it.

Sugars in addition, they are present in 99.9% of the food we consume, paradoxically even if they are salty, and therefore often become receptors for the identification ordinance of enzymatic secretion and absorption of nutrients.

What does it mean to always have a sweet tooth?
The craving for sweets continues Ifood

How to run for cover

If the craving for sweets happened anyway continuous presence and so it’s something I’m not into we can really do without itthat means we’re here pushed too far, I’m just saying. This search becomes a species for us comfort and way to give us fulfillmenteven if only very fleetingly.

So it needs to be done catering reorganizationmaintaining a sufficient amount of carbohydratesconsume without excessive sparing i seasoning fats, which can satiate perfectly and finally finish the meal with a small portion of fruit. When we just can’t give up dessertthe secret is to aim hot chocolate.

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