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We make perfect pancakes from a quick dough without yeast, they come out beautifully fluffy and super soft… and they will be super irresistible, will you believe how good they are.

I don’t know about you, but I’m considering Christmas I’m already busy with different recipes, like in the case of pancakes. My grandkids go crazy for them and when they are home with me I always try to make them a snack or make them find them for their snack.

Recipe for pancakes without yeast - RecipeSprint
Yeast Free Pancakes Recipe – RecipeSprint

But the recipe I’m about to propose has something extra, because if you don’t have brewer’s yeast at home, you can make it anyway. Take notes and save this recipe for when you don’t have yeast at home or away…

Recipe for pancakes without yeast

Sometimes you only need very little to make the dough to create unique and delicious pancakes that will really leave you speechless. Here are the ingredients you will need for this recipe:

200 grams of still water + 100 grams of sparkling fried water,

250 grams of flour 00,

Pinch of salt.

Recipe for pancakes without yeast - RecipeSprint
Yeast Free Pancakes Recipe – RecipeSprint

Let’s prepare the dough for pancakes together

Making this dough, as we have already explained at length, is really very simple, so let’s start by pouring the required sparkling natural water into the bowl.

Then we add the perfectly sifted flour little by little so that it is avoid lumps. In this case, you can use an electric beater to obtain a really smooth and homogeneous mixture when finished, enriched with pepper if we want to make savory pancakes, or just a pinch of salt for sweet ones.

When our dough is ready let it rest for at least 15 minutes, in some cases it is advisable to put it in the fridge for the time in question so that when we go to make the pancake, it will be more compact and soft. After that, we can move on to frying and making our pancakes in hot oil, which will be ready when they are perfectly golden. You will immediately notice that despite the absence of yeast they will be very puffy and super crumbly, try it yourself and I assure you that you will not regret it.

Recipe for pancakes without yeast - RecipeSprint
Yeast Free Pancakes Recipe – RecipeSprint

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Finally, this recipe is great for any variation, not only from sweet to salty, but also if we can add yeast to give an exaggerated effect like in the case of Luna Park pancakes.

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