Kate Middleton, 7 beauty rules she never breaks

A lot of water flowed from the entrance to the bridge Kate Middleton in the English royal family. In these long years the Princess of Wales she softened her role, defined her style and, last but not least, outlined her beauty look.

The latter was built over the years on small but precise details that have remained unchanged over time. And we’re not just talking about his iconic waves, the most popular in the Kingdom. Outline his image as an official member Royal Family it was a constant beauty choice that the royal repeated over the years without ever straying from it. As well as a penchant for nude lipsticks or manicures in softer shades.

If you really get down to it in all and for all protocol – which would encourage royal ladies to follow certain principles also in the field of beauty and fashion – or whether it is the result of pure personal taste is certain to emerge upon examination of its appearance iron beauties that have not changed over the years, almost as if these were the rules that Kate followed and that always made up and still make up the true uniform of beauty. Here they are in brief.

1) Prefers a nude manicure

It is very difficult to see the Princess of Wales with her nails dressed in bright and flashy shades during official public events. His choices always falltransparent effect, on pink, on nude, on milk color, that means ultra soft, subtle tones, never overdone. One of the few times she “broke” the rule was this year’s Easter Mass, where she showed off a flaming manicure.

Kate Middleton and her soft manicure

Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

2) Always choose soft shades for lips

Unlike The Queen Elizabeth IIwho often appeared with red lips, the Princess of Wales, as well as for her manicure, is faithful to her nude shades. THE pink lipsticks along with clear glosses they are undoubtedly her favorite lip allies (except for a few rare occasions when she showed off more intense pink nuances, almost to the point of raspberry). A choice that, in addition to underlining a preference for a clean and modest appearance, is related to practicality, i.e. no colored marks on the teeth or stains on clothes.

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