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Katia Maccari
Katia Maccari with Antonella Clerici- iFood.it

We’ve seen her alongside Antonella Clerici several times on TV, but do you know what a prestigious role Katia Maccari has? This is where the professional life of a chef takes place.

It is located in the heart of Tuscany, on the Chiusi hills Hotel Il Patriarcaan exclusive 19th-century residence that hosts the culinary talent of Katie Maccari, one of Italy’s most popular chefs.

Maccari is also known to the general public participation in the TV shows “La Prova del Cuoco” and “È Semper Mezzogiorno”programs organized by the company Antonella Clerici.

Katia Maccari is one a leading figure in the Italian gastronomic panoramahe brings his passion and creativity to the kitchen at a high level and charms the guests of the restaurant he manages on a daily basis.

The celebrity chef is returning to shows that saw her as a guest several times share the secrets of his recipes with viewers who have followed her with passion since the beginning of her career.

Katia Maccari, head chef of Il Patriarca: her pink style for a unique and refined cuisine

Katia Maccari, a Tuscan chef with an innate passion for local cuisine, started hers career at Il Patriarca in 2003, where he assumed the role of sales manager in the family business. With years of training and experience in the kitchen, he has developed a unique culinary style, based on experimentation and the exclusive use of local ingredients.

Its cuisine, characterized by the “pink style”, enhances traditional Tuscan meat dishes, using sustainable, regional ingredients sourced from local farmers, ranchers and businesses. Among his most famous creations, dishes such as marinated Chianina, egg bottarga, spelled biscuit and borage tortelli stand out, enhancing the authentic taste of Tuscany.

Katia Maccari
Chef Katia Maccari – iFood.it

The outstanding culinary talent of Katie Maccari: from La prova del cuoco to a Michelin star

Hotel Il Patriarca s gourmet restaurant I Salottihas become a reference point for lovers of excellent cuisine. The restaurant, which received a Michelin star in 2003, stands out for its innovative cuisine and the search for Tuscan ingredients. High Quality. Katia Maccari, as a chef and custodian of the Tuscan flair, works daily to manage the entire hotel complex and also manages the management part.

His culinary philosophy focuses on improving local products, such as pasta made with old grains from the meat of the Val d’Orcia and Chianina breeds and Cinta Senese pigs grew up nearby. The chef also uses endangered Tuscan gastronomic products such as Cetica red potatoes and Zolfino beans, demonstrating her commitment to sustainability and biodiversity.

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