Let’s cultivate Rome: the new tender for the allocation of land in the capital, requirements and how to participate

The Municipality of Rome has published a notice to allocate 90 hectares of unused land to professional agricultural entrepreneurs or young people under 40 years of age. Here’s everything you need to know to participate

Returning to the land, even in a big city like Rome, and cultivating land that has not been used for a long time is still possible and is also a great opportunity, especially for young people. A new tender has now been announced in the capital precisely to support youth agriculture.

It was announced by the municipality of Rome 4 plots of landcommunal ownership, will be granted under a concession for a period of 15 years (renewable) to anyone who asks for it, apparently by regular participation in the selection process.

The four selected areas cover a total of approx 90 hectares, which is located in the eastern and northeastern quadrants of the city. Of this, up to three quarters will be awarded to young farmers under 40, which is a direct way to support evenyouth entrepreneurshipwith the possibility for participants to organize themselves also in a cooperative form.

The call also supports projects focused on ecological production, multifunctional agriculture and the development of renewable energy sources. Projects that involve the integration of new employees and that offer job opportunities to socially disadvantaged people will also be awarded.

Points will also be awarded to initiatives aimed at educating young people, such as the creation of educational farms, agrinids or summer recreation centers. Active community participation is encouraged with the possibility of organizing community gardens and improving public spaces for wider use through picnic areas, nature trails and adventure trails.

A significant aspect of this challenge istraining opportunities. Agribusinesses interested in public land management will have access to training programs hosted by agribusiness teachers and experts. This collaboration was made possible thanks to an agreement between Roma Capitale and the Institute for Local Finance and Economy.

4 plots available

You can request to use the following plots of land:

  • Part 1 – Marcigliana – Laghetto (reserve under 40 years): this area covers 46.5 hectares and is accessible from via della Marcigliana. It requires the construction of buildings, rainwater collection tanks and improvement of soil quality. This land has potential for the cultivation of cereals, fruit trees and the development of an artificial lake
  • Item 2 – Aniene Valley: with an area of ​​approximately 14.7 hectares, this area has two buildings to restore. It is suitable for rehabilitation projects aimed at improving agricultural land with an emphasis on quality production, including ecological production. Furthermore, it is located in a protected natural area, enabling direct sales activities
  • Part 3 – Colle Monfortani (reserve under 40): This area is adjacent to the E. Sereni Agricultural Technical Institute and covers an area of ​​approximately 14.8 hectares. It requires the construction of buildings and rainwater collection tanks. Agricultural activity in this lot, associated with honey production, can be enhanced by direct sales and tourism-environmental activities
  • Part 4 – Tor Bella Monaca (reserve under 40): it is located near the Torre Angela neighborhood and is located in a highly urbanized context. On an area of ​​12.5 hectares, it can be expanded with refunctionalization projects that include agricultural activities of short supply chains, horticulture, fruit growing, floriculture and nursery. It is also offered for agritourism activities, direct sales and leisure-related services

How to participate in the challenge and requirements

If you are a young entrepreneur or farming enthusiast interested in this opportunity, here is some useful information.

Mandatory requirements:

  • Professional Agricultural Entrepreneur Qualification (IAP) according to Article 1 of the Legislative Decree of March 29, 2004, No. 99, or as a direct farmer (CD) according to Article 6 of the Act of May 3, 1982, No. 203. In the case of competitors established in the form of a company or cooperative, they must the requirement to have a legal representative of a legal entity. The competing entity must also be registered with the Chamber of Commerce in the special section reserved for agricultural enterprises and possess a VAT number.
  • Subjects under 40 years of age (subject to first settlement): in this case the IAP or CD qualification can be replaced by an obligation to obtain it compulsorily within three years from the date of signing the assignment agreement. It must be completed within the same three-year period by registering with the Chamber of Commerce in a special section reserved for agricultural entrepreneurs and opening a VAT position. If the entity is set up as a company or cooperative when it is first established, the IAP or CD requirement must be fulfilled by the legal representative of the legal entity within the aforementioned three-year period, together with the registration as a company with the Chamber of Commerce, the section reserved for agricultural enterprises, and to activate the VAT position

As previously reported, the Municipality of Rome states that:

Projects that will include are preferred multifunctional agricultural activities, ecological cultivation, support of biodiversity, activities aimed at the development of renewable energy and energy savings, the integration of new employees with a special emphasis on the employment of socially disadvantaged persons and the introduction of direct sales initiatives in the shortage chain.

Necessary documentation

To participate in the selection procedure, it is necessary to submit:

  • Request to participate, drawn up according to the model attached to the notification, signed in full by the interested party or legal representative in the case of a legal entity. A photocopy of the participant’s identification document must be attached to the application
  • Certificate of holding Professional Agricultural Entrepreneur (IAP) or Direct Farmer (CD) requirements, registration with the Chamber of Commerce, in the section reserved for agricultural enterprises, and possession of an active VAT number. In the case of entities of the first settlement, the declaration must relate to the commitment to fulfill these requirements within three years from the signing of the assignment agreement.
  • Proof of age under 40 years the competitor or, where appropriate, the legal representative in the case of a legal entity. In the case of a legal entity, the legal representative must also declare that members or associates under the age of 40 have an absolute numerical majority and participation shares.
  • Certificate of holding requirements referred to in art. 94 of the Legislative Decree of March 31, 2023, No. 36. In the case of a legal entity, these requirements must be possessed and must be declared by the legal representative
  • Declaration of full compliance with the content of the “Integrated Activity Plan or Public Administration Organization” approved by Capitol Council Resolution No. 154 of May 4, 2023
  • Declaration whether or not you are the acquirer of agricultural land owned by Roma Capitale or other public authorities, with any existing contract and not be without title to the properties owned by Roma Capitale. In the case of a legal entity, the legal representative must declare that he and all partners or associates meet this requirement
  • Statement of prior verification of the conditions and consistency of the assigned property, including passive and active easements, and that you have properly taken into account all relevant circumstances when formulating your proposal. This information is contained in the technical sheets of the individual items of the offer
  • Consent to the processing of personal data for the stated purposes in connection with the end of the public procurement procedure, according to EU Regulation 2016/679

PUSH the application must be sent through PEC at ufficio.tutelaambientale@pec.comune.roma.it of the Department of Environmental Protection, Directorate of Agriculture and Animal Welfare, no later than January 25, 2024 at 12:00 p.m.

For more information and specifications, read the full announcement HERE.

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