LIDL publishes a food recall for one of its products due to Listeria –

Attention consumers who are required to check purchases made at LIDL, there is an important food recall to consult.

LIDL food recall due to potential risk of Listeria monocytogenes
Interior of the discount store LIDL (

LIDL and food recalls released in the last few hours what is it about? Inspections carried out after samples were analyzed specifically extrapolated from the product were then removed from sale.

In fact, the analyzes carried out under the microscope led to the discovery of a problem that could have potentially dangerous consequences for the health of consumers. And the food recall is primarily from LIDL because there are two types of the same product that presented this problem.

The reason must be sought in the present bacteria Listeria monocytogenes, present in significant amounts. And it is considered likely to cause health consequences for consumers. It was necessary to intervene in the food recall by LIDL.

As a result, people who have recently shopped in one points of sale in some regions of Italy who belong to a well-known discount chain are obliged to pay attention. And follow the information below.

LIDL food recall, how to spot items taken off shelves

LIDL food recall due to potential risk of Listeria monocytogenes
LIDL Deluxe Cheese (

We have the trade names of two products sold by LIDL that have demonstrated their involvement in this potential problem for consumers. Each of the above products has one batch.

Which are aged pecorino with honey and aged pecorino with pear. Both carry the Lidl Deluxe brand. And both consist of units that weigh an average of 180 grams.

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The batch of pecorino cheese flavored with honey is MI223365 while that aged pecorino with pear is PE223366. For both the expiry date or minimum shelf life (TMC) is 03/09/2024.

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The producer is Rocca Toscana Formaggi Srl, a Tuscan company in this sector that has its own production plant in Arezzo. And it has the inscription IT 09 29 CE as an identification mark.

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Participating LIDL points are some of those located in Tuscany, Sardinia, Lombardy, Liguria and Piedmont. In this situation, the products of the mentioned batches must be returned in order to obtain a refund of the amount spent or the possibility to proceed with an exchange for another type of goods with the same price.

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