Lorenzo Biagiarelli in tears live, Selvaggia Lucarelli and his son Leon are solely to blame: they really said it – iFood

Lorenzo Biagiarelli
Lorenzo Biagiarelli, Selvaggia Lucarelli and Leon – IFood.it (photo by Ansa)

It’s not easy being his friend, but the words the two said to him helped him understand that he did the right thing.

It is not easy for him to be a friend and a second father at the same timebut for love Lorenzo Biagiarelli was willing to do this and moreor. You can feel how much he loves Selvaggia Lucarelli and how much he loves her son Leon. That is also the reason so the love he gave was reciprocated by both to the point of moving him.

It was a really sweet scene. He was visibly moved when he heard a few words from them and for everyone who witnessed the moment it was hard to remain indifferent in front of so many sweets.

However, he does not mind showing himself vulnerable and with his frailties. Always wanting to be himself at any opportunity, without any label, he decided to stay consistent with himself even in the TV studio “Today is another day” by Serena Bortone..

I’m not into crying or showing my fragility“. With these words, he wanted to respond to their very tender message, full of joy, but also tears. But here’s what they told him.

Not a very easy moment for him

By the time Lorenzo Biagiarelli received the very tender news, was a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars”program by Milly Carlucci, which allows celebrities to challenge each other with dance moves and such Selvaggia Lucarelli is among the judges. Despite being so close to his girlfriend, this period was not easy for him. He was repeatedly criticized for both his style of dancing and the presence of his girlfriend on the jurywhich actually made people grumble.

However, this news completely reversed the situation. Here’s what they told him.

Lorenzo Biagiarelli, Selvaggia Lucarelli and Leon – IFood.it (photo on Instagram)

A message full of tenderness

Hi Lolla, we have known each other for 8 years and you live with us. You can do many things: you can sing, write, cook, speak three languages, and now you can dance. I can’t really do anything, but at least I’ve learned to do one thing, love you.“With these very words the little one Leon wanted to express the affection he has for Lorenzo Biagiarelliwhich his sweet words then returned to him.

I love Leon dearly, I don’t care about crying or showing my fragility. He has a dad and he loves him very much, but I’m older than him, I’m with his mom and I live with him. So there are hybrid liabilities mixed with co-ownership. We are only 15 years apart. Leon is my brother’s age. It could have been a complicated relationship, but instead it’s a beautiful one.“What mildness in those words.”

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