Magic, lights and fun: Bellaria Igea Marina kicks off Christmas

The Energetic Christmas of Bellaria Igea Marina starts on Friday 8 December at 15:30 and brings the magic of Christmas to the town of Romagna from 8 December to 7 January.

So Mayor Filippo Giorgetti “We are ready to open the city’s Christmas displays with lights and attractions, paying special attention to families in our area as well as tourists and friends from the surrounding area who will be able to experience the magic of Christmas. in Bellaria Igea Marina. We invite everyone to participate and fill our P. Guidi pedestrian street in the following days as well, to enjoy the magical festive atmosphere and experience together as a community the beauty of Christmas: the warmth of the decorations, the lights and the fun of the planned attractions and events.”

The must, now traditional Bellaria Igea Marina, is confirmed, and that Snowball Piazza Matteotti: a transparent sphere, inside which there will be a fairy forest, where Santa Claus will welcome all the children who want to bring him their letter. For those who love video games, it is Virtual reality offers eight simultaneous stations and many immersive game skills that transport players into an exciting virtual world. The more romantic ones will be able to skate along the scenic route rink which will expand to 60 m, at the height of the Municipal Library on Viale P. Guidi.

“The inauguration of the Energy Christmas Village is a bit of a “theatrical premiere” for us,” comments the president of the Verdeblu Foundation Paolo Borghese “After months of preparation, we go on stage confident that we have given everything to create evocative Christmas emotions in this case. The cooperation with the Verdeblu Foundation staff, the city administration, the city police and the workers who participated in the creation of the installations should not be forgotten either. We also thank all the artists who, starting Friday, December 8, will cheer up and enliven some days of this period with a show of cosplayers and acrobats.»

In addition to the previews, various shows will be scheduled with the participation of: The Christmas Band, on top of the globe: Iris Di Domenico & Luca Campolunghi; Aaron; live carillon; Monia Angeli; Pasquaroli.

The art director explains Andrea Prada “Once again this year I am very happy with the Christmas project, which starts from the family and, like every year, intends to position Bellaria Igea Marina as an ideal place for a family who wants to spend the Christmas holidays. There is no lack of vision for innovation: a new setup for Snow Globe and virtual reality, which has seen considerable success in previous years and this year is enriched with eight gaming stations. A lot of attention will be paid to aesthetics, which is why you are invited to visit the Luminous Village in Piazza Don Minzoni and, in addition to the events that will enrich the “Energetic Christmas” program, enjoy the attractions along the P. Guidi pedestrian street».

Monumental is inevitable Sand birth created by international artists Arenas Posibles and to end the holidays on Sunday, January 7, at Sacred Heart Church, “A Beautiful Fairy Tale: Dance, Song, Word.”

Magic, lights and fun: Bellaria Igea Marina kicks off Christmas

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