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Matilda Gioli
Matilde Gioli – (photo by Ansa)

Everyone knows her beauty and envies her perfect physical shape that she has. But what allows her to have such a figure?

She is one of the most beautiful women in Italy, but also one of the most awarded actresses, even though she has only been in the world of cinema for a relatively short time.

He actually started she made herself known only more than 10 years ago participation in Paolo Virzì’s film “Human capital” like Serena Ossola, but his interpretation so captivated everyone which in a very short time has earned an important space in this world as well as various recognitions such as Silver Ribbon, Award of Aphrodite to be the best emerging actress and much more.

However, the accomplice of all this is his enviable charm, making it a beauty icon. Not to mention his physical condition. It is practically perfect and everyone dreams of it.

But how is it maintained like this? What is his secret? It seems that in what he eats every day as well as in what he does.

Especially intense physical activity

If Matilde Gioli can afford such a figure, she certainly owes it to a great eating style, but also to her busy life and the physical activity she does.

There are two sports that he plays and loves madly. They are horse riding and swimming. Whenever he can therefore spend as much time as possible in the poolbetween one tank and another and when not in the water is on his back Fuego the horse. Together with him, it forms a a training session lasting approximately 4 or 5 hours, where the exercises change every 40 minutes, as a result, we also do not have an easy time with him. However, he enjoys it a lot, also because his training takes place in the open countryside, in the heart of Adda Park. He loves to be surrounded by nature, actually when he is not on set, on horseback or in the water, he goes to the mountains to breathe fresh air and take long walks.

Balanced nutrition
Balanced diet – (photo by Depositphoto)

It’s not really a secret, but…

But what does Matilde Gioli’s menu consist of? And especially what is the secret what allows you to have this wonderful physical shape?

There seems to be no real secret which allows it to be like this. He revealed it simply in the magazine “Elle”. she is very careful about what she eatsthen she follows a balanced diet, which therefore allows her to receive the correct daily amount of macronutrients. So he does not deprive himself of anything or consume anything in particular, but simply pays attention.

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