“Memories of legality” at the second appointment guest Daniele Biacchessi

The second meeting with “Memories of legality: the lights and shadows of our history”.
An initiative to reflect together on the values ​​that are the basis of democracy, through the courage and example of those who have been able to embody the same values. An initiative supported by the city library “G. Mariotti’ from Morciano di Romagna as part of the projects “Città che legge” and the Bill (Library of Legality) network under the artistic direction of Nunzia Pasturi and Filippo Dionigi will take place in the months of November and December. The meetings with free entry will be held in the Ex Lavatoio room in via Concia, in Morciano di Romagna.
Wednesday 22 November at 21:00: Daniele Biacchessi, writer, presents “Massacres of Italy. Black shadows. From 1969 to 1980″.
The author explains: «I felt the need to connect the threads of this story, which seems to never end. A new story of a piece of contemporary history has been created for younger people who know nothing because nothing is written in their school books.”
Free entry
The evening will be introduced by Morciano di Romagna municipality councilor Alessandra Zaghi, and the moderator will be journalist Alessandro Fiocca together with Nunzia Pasturi.

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