Neutro Roberts body lotion recalled: these 3 batches contain a genotoxic substance (banned in the EU)

New alert for the presence of Lilial in cosmetics. This time, the controversial substance, accused of genotoxicity and therefore banned in the EU, was found in 3 batches of Neutro Roberts Creamy shower gel with moisturizing milk and shea butter

There’s a new caveat, again about presence Lilial (on the tag Butylphenyl Methylpropional or BMHCA) inside cosmetics and personal hygiene products. This is a substance that was previously widely used in the formulation of these products, but is now banned in the EU.

In recent days, European Early Warning SystemRapex, announced the recall of some lots of the famous shower gel, the Neutral Roberts Cream shower gel with moisturizing milk and shea butter.

Or rather, they are Downloaded 3 batches of this product (08981, 10911 and 16991 with barcode 800241009651) because they still contain Lilial, an ingredient included by Europe on the list of prohibited substances in cosmetics as early as March 2022.

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Maximum attention was paid to this component cause damage to the reproductive system, harm fetal health and cause skin sensitization.

However, despite the ban, several products still contain it. We’ve already told you about some of the big cosmetic grabs that have happened in recent months.

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Also a recent test conducted on a sample of deodorants from a magazine Life preserver, identified by Lilial in the reference. Read also: Deodorants without aluminum, this is the worst thing you can buy: it contains a dangerous and banned substance

It is clear that the situation is still unclear and that not all manufacturers have adapted well to the new legislation, even though some time has passed. As we have already said, the ban is in effect from March 2022, but the companies had until March 1, 2023 to sell the stock.

We are now at the gates of September 2023 and it seems that the possible presence of this ingredient in the composition of shampoo, shower gel, etc. we must always be careful.

As consumers, we just have to fight back Always read the labels of what we buy carefully.

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Source: Rapex

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