Nido Mongolfiera, rebuilding in progress. Intervention worth approximately 1.2 million euros

This week, work began in Santarcangelo on the reconstruction of the Mongolfiera kindergarten: surface extension, energy efficiency, seismic improvement and removal of architectural barriers were financed by Pnrr for 1,165,450 euros.

Intervention – which includes a total rebuild of the property built in 1979 to make it safer, more modern and more functional – must be completed by summer 2024in time to allow a return to headquarters for the start of the 2024/25 academic year for the boys and girls currently hosted by Holy Family.

Strengthening of load-bearing walls for seismic improvement, energy requalification by replacing fixtures, insulation reconstruction, attic insulation, replacement of the heating system and replacement of light fixtures with LED lights are expected. The plan also includes the improvement of fire protection systems, the reconstruction of bathrooms, the reconstruction of areas where common services are located and the expansion of the classroom area with the addition of a portico.

Last but not least, this involves the external modification of sidewalks and walkways with the removal of architectural barriers and the existing atrium, currently unusable, which will be transformed into an inner courtyard accessible to children. The garden will also be cleaned, both in terms of greenery and play equipment.

Meanwhile, at the Saffi branch of Franchini High School, building renovations and seismic adaptations on Building A have been completed, with the creation of an external steel and concrete structure composed of a skeleton of metal beams and braces and reinforced concrete elements. Inside, however, three flat reticular structures were created located at different attic levels.

A similar intervention is still ongoing on building B: even in this case, in order not to disrupt teaching activities, work is being done in installments and will continue in the spring/summer of next year.

The works – the cost of which is 1,180,000 euros for each building – were both financed with 500 thousand euros from MIUR contributions, which were subsequently merged into Pnrr, a total of 1 million euros in contributions for an investment of 2,360,000 euros: added to the seismic improvement of the gymnasium carried out in in 2018, the total investment in the via Galilei complex exceeds 3 million euros.

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