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the secret Norbert
Norbert Niederkofler – ifood (photo on Instagram)

The hidden secret of Norbert Niederkofler, a great multi-star chef who lives in the mountains. What you need to know if you want to eat at his restaurant.

He is Norbert Niederkofler, and if his name doesn’t tell you much, it’s because although he’s a great chef with many stars, he doesn’t like to appear on television.

In fact, we’ve only seen him in a few brief forays on video, a culinary program par excellence MasterChef who introduced it to the general public.

Because among his mountains, those of Alto Adige, he is a true legend. His cuisine has won a Michelin guide awarded to him by St Hubertus, a restaurant that is part of the Rosa Alpina structure, where he arrived in 1996.

In San Cassiano, at an altitude of 1300 meters, you can taste the dishes of local tradition and culture, prepared not only at 0 km, but even with your own ingredients, such as butter. But what is its hidden secret? What you need to know if you want to eat at his starred restaurant.

Norbert Niederkofler: the secret of his restaurant

Mountain cook Norbert Niederkofler he can’t help but carry out a great project: Cook the mountain, in which the chef involved 8 other colleagues. What is it about? About a movement that aims to improve the raw materials found in the high mountains, such as berries, alpine herbs and even roots. Why, the portal explains Red shrimp “signature cuisine can also draw inspiration from poor and seemingly unappetizing ingredients”.

So no extra virgin olive oil, but ingredients that can only be found locally. And how much does it cost to eat at a multi-star chef’s restaurant?

norbert menu
Norbert in his beloved mountain – ifood (photo on Instagram)


I am browsing the St Hubertus chef restaurant website Norbert Niederkofler we will find out “St. Hubertus offers a ‘Cook the Mountain’ tasting menu, a mountain culinary experience for €350.00 per person, drinks not included. We do not serve ‘À la Carte’”. It is so? “the price does not change in case of a reduction in flow rates”. We will specify which 12 there are. We are also finding out “A credit card number is required at the time of booking to guarantee your reservation. In case of cancellation of the reservation within 72 hours before the actual reservation, no penalty will be charged. From 72 hours onwards, the cost of the full “Cook the Mountain” tasting menu will be charged at €350.00 per person.

What you should know then if you have children is this “If you want to visit the restaurant with small children, it is best to keep in mind that they may be impressed by the refined and calm environment of our restaurant and other guests may feel uncomfortable“.

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