Novafeltria is smiling again, convincing 3-0 against Diegar

Novafeltria – Diegoro 3:0

NOVAFELTRIA: Olivieri, Pavani, Evaristi L. (45′ St. Pavani T.), Frihat (32′ St. Gasperoni), Soumahin, Giacobbi, Radici, Baldinini, Pasolini (39′ St. Vivo), Evaristi M. (32 ′ St. Vivo ), Toromani (17′st Castellani). Available: Fusconi, Pianini, Giorgini, Basilico. Everyone: Giorgi.

DIEGARO: Foiera, Sankhare, Zannoli (20′ St Falcone), Ceccarelli, Vitali, Bartoletti, Morganti (5′ St Cicognani), Cangini, Casalboni, Diop, Pertutti. Available: Zollo, Cavallo, Mancini, De Barros, Pagliarani, Valbonesi, Scarpellini. All.: Cucchi.

REFEREE: Bologna dumea
GOALS: 25′ with Evaristi M., 37′ with Vivo, 50′ with Baldinini.
WARNING: Ceccarelli, Evaristi M., Bartoletti.

SECCHIANO Novafeltria won a very hard-fought victory in the key to survival, defeating Diegaro 3-0. Great performance from Giorgi’s boys, immediately aggressive: in the 9th minute the throw-in is triggered by Pasolini, who himself shoots high in front of Foiera. In the 20th minute, Marco Evaristi tries it from the outside, the ball brushed against the top corner. In the 24th minute, Pasolini threatened Marco Evaristi from the baseline. In the 25th minute, Evaristi stole the ball again in the middle of the field, interrupting the visitors’ movement and heading forward. Once in the area, he fires a shot to the half-post, to the right of Foiera: it’s a goal that opens the scoring and doesn’t stop the attacking efforts of the lively local team.

In the 31st minute, a corner kick for the home team, after the header of the defense, Toromani arrives and shoots outside the box and cuts off the post. A minute later, Baldinini served at the back of the court, Marco Evaristi serves on the right, who turns and forces Foiera to do a miracle from close range. In the 37th minute, Diegaro becomes a dangerous free kick from Pertutti, which ends up wide. Goalkeeper Olivieri, who is making his season debut, remains inactive.

In the second half in the 48th minute, Morganti’s drive down the wing, the cross goes past Olivieri, Pertutti heads over the crossbar. In the 50th minute, Casalboni’s dangerous restart is started by a ball lost by Novafeltria on the way out, a fierce shot from outside ends up just wide.

In the final, the home yellow-blue found a double goal: Vivo was the main hero of a great progress from the counterattack, the striker entered the space and stood in the middle, kicking low. Foire makes a great catch, deflects it for a corner, but Gasperoni sends a rebound off the crossbar, whose shot goes into the net for Vivo. In the 89th minute, Vivo serves from Gasperoni’s counterattack, the ground shot goes just wide. Diegaro were left with ten men in the 90th minute due to Diop’s dismissal. The home team closed the attack and in the 95th minute, Baldinini closed the match with a powerful free kick, which crowned an excellent personal performance.

Novafeltria is smiling again, convincing 3-0 against Diegar
Filippo Baldinini, captain of Vis Novafeltria Calcio

Novafeltria returns to the playout zone: leaderboard

Granamica 31, Sasso Marconi 29, Medicina Fossatone 23, Futball Cava Ronco and S.Agostino 22, Castenaso, Russi and Gambettola 21, Reno 20, Pietracuta 18, Tropical Coriano 17, Massa Lombarda 16; Diegaro 15, Sanpaimola 13, Novafeltria and Masi Torello 12; Savignanese 10, Bentivoglio 4.

Novafeltria is smiling again, convincing 3-0 against Diegar

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