Pastetelli in broth at Christmas, good with grandma’s recipe that will leave everyone speechless –

On Christmas Eve, we hit the nail on the head with pastatelli in broth! Grandma’s recipe that always surprises everyone.

In case you are still struggling with creating a holiday menu, I recommend very good and expensive pastels in broth.

Pastatelli in broth for Christmas recipe - RicettaSprint
Pastatelli in broth for Christmas recipe – RicettaSprint

They are easy to prepare and when you serve them on the table, they are always a success. The recipe that I am about to propose is a typical one from the Italian translation, my grandmother also prepares them at Christmas and we grandchildren are always full of joy to enjoy a dish that is very dear to her.

Recipe for puree in broth

Well, yes, with Christmas in mind, we prepare passatelli in broth according to our grandmother’s typical recipe, according to the Italian culinary tradition. So we will need these ingredients:

140 grams of breadcrumbs,

100 grams of Parmesan,

half a lemon peel,

10 grams of flour 00,

3 eggs,

1 liter of meat broth.

Let’s prepare the perfect passatelli for the holidays

So we start by taking the lemon peel in a bowl with a fork, which we mix with the eggs. Then add a mixture of breadcrumbs and Parmesan to the egg, and add half a teaspoon of nutmeg.

We work the dough with a spatula until we get a dough that we can work with our hands and form a compact ball. We then wrap everything in cling film and let it rest for two hours at room temperature.

After the necessary time has passed, we will have the meat broth (click here for recipe) which we would bring to a boil to proceed to cooking. While the broth is boiling, use a potato masher with large holes to make our passatelli.

We let them cook for a few minutes until they float to the surface, then transfer everything to a bowl and cover with a lid before serving to keep them warm and soft.

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We serve with a little parmesan for those who want and that’s it. At Christmas, surprise everyone with cheap passatelli, as tradition dictates, and you will conquer the Christmas scene and become the king and queen of the kitchen.

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