Peace of Montaperti, the 2023 edition of the medieval festival in the region

Florence, November 16, 2023 – The magic of the historic re-establishment of peace after the battle of Montaperti1260, revived incl Castelfiorentino from Friday 17th to Sunday 19th November, when the streets and squares will come alive2023 edition events. Presenting this year’s program in the Pegaso room, I am Bernard Dika, spokesman for President Eugenio Giani; Mayor Alessio Falorni and Deputy Mayor Claudia Centi; regional councilor for the territory Enrico Sostegni. The key is the reconstruction of the regained peace, which is dedicated to the event promoted by the mayor of Falorni, which has become an attraction for the whole of Valdelsa. As recalled in the press conference, the importance of the ‘peace of Castelfiorentino’ was strongly supported by President Giani, who celebrates the 2023 edition as “an event that gives the Tuscan community events and emotions for audiences of all ages.” It is an opportunity to link historical reconstruction with the universal value of peace, which is the theme of Tuscany’s identity, a fact that is particularly important in times of international war scenarios”. The village delves into the era of the battle between Guelph Florence and Ghibelline Siena, culminating in the “great destruction caused by the red-colored Arbia” evoked by Dante Alighieri in the “Divine Comedy”. “For Castelfiorentino, it is an important moment, part of the framework of investments and interventions that have been carried out to restore the historic center and for the cultural activity that has become a point of reference with the theater and many initiatives in the area” . Among this year’s novelties, Mayor Falorni mentions “Il The price of peace, which bears the name of Romanello Cantini, an intellectual from Castelfiorentino, who also addressed this topic in a book dedicated to rainbow creators. The event, which also received double recognition this year from the Ministry of Culture and the Region of Tuscany, will also be attended by the administrations of Florence and Siena”. Vice-Mayor Centi explained the program that will culminate in the “Great Fire Show”; the calendar includes a fighting tournament, a medieval market exhibition, an arts and crafts market; medieval dances, games and falconry, parade and historical parade.

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