Pinocchio Award, emotions in Palazzo Vecchio. “Lorenzini, His Civil Rights Pen.” Here are all the protagonists

Florence, November 24, 2023 – Held this morning in the Sala Firenze Capitale Palazzo Vecchio ceremonial delivery of the XII edition Pinocchio Award by Carlo Lorenzini. Among the winners Vittoria Puccini, Marco Casamonti, Regina Schrecker and Xiuzhong Zhang. The Sala di Firenze Capitale was full of people who came to celebrate the 197th anniversary of the birth of Carlo Lorenzini, the father of Pinocchio, and to celebrate the protagonists – well known to the general public – who received one of the 12 awards on the occasion. assumes the traditional “Carlo Lorenzini’s Pinocchio Award”. The aim of the now traditional initiative promoted by Carlo Lorenzini’s Pinocchio Association is to celebrate the author of the adventures of the world’s most famous puppet on his birthday, precisely November 24, 1826.

“We see how the city reacts with more and more enthusiasm to our celebratory proposal,” comments the president of the Association Anna Maria Iacobacci – it’s an emotion that renews itself and grows year after year. Carlo Lorenzini’s message continues to be relevant, and his human commitment to promoting the values ​​that underpin our society and our cultural tradition must be a great example. Journalist, man of letters, convinced supporter of his democratic and patriotic ideas, Lorenzini he used his pen to fight an honest battle civil rights. In the simplicity/exceptionality of his characters, Pinocchio embodies the virtues and vices in all of us and praises taking a stand in favor of goodness and justice. Values ​​that today more than ever are urgent to pursue and rediscover. Our association promotes and cultivates at all levels of society the character and teachings that Lorenzini was able to pass on to us through a series of activities whose price is the jewel in the crown.”

The event was presented by Stefano Baragli and Elena Tempestini, while Professor Massimo Ruffilli was tasked with opening the event by presenting the famous Tuscan author: “Carlo Lorenzini, aka ‘i Collodi’, a man of our Risorgimento, is a writer who remains in the shadows, while his ‘Pinocchio’ is one of the most read books in the world. A patriot and master of Tuscan irony, he wrote an “accidental masterpiece” with imagination, wit and genius. Pinocchio it is not just a fairy tale for children, but a biographical summary of its author. From his early childhood in Collodi to his formative experience as a young patriotic writer. Volunteer at the battle of Curtatone and Montanara in ‘, wandering through Italy still under Austrian rule. Lorenzini, a controversial spirit, a bachelor, skeptical, melancholic, forever fighting for his ideals. In 1959 he founded the newspaper ‘La Nazione’ with Bettino Ricasoli and as an ‘ardent Mazzinian’ directed ‘Il Lampione’, a periodical ‘illuminating those who grope in the dark’. On children’s newspaper, in 1881, composes a ‘puppet story’. He died on October 26, 1890. His dreams, for which he fought so hard, have all come true: his Italy is a united, free and independent country, and it is a republic, just as he wanted it.”

The recognition, awarded again this year to 12 important figures of the Italian cultural panorama, traditionally involves pairing each winner with one of the characters of Lorenzi’s most famous novel. This is the list of winners of XII. Carlo Lorenzini’s Pinocchio Award Edition: Pinocchio: Victoria Puccini; Master Geppetto: Entrepreneur Roberto Naldi; The Talking Cricket: The Architect Marco Casamonti; Fire Eater: entrepreneur, founder and president of Zhong Art International, Xiuzhong Zhang; Zecchini tree: Emiliana MartinelliPresident Martinelli Luce, Blue Fairy: Regina Schrecker, stilist. Osteria Gambero Rosso: Marzia Morganti Tempestini, director of Sommelier Toscana magazine. Toyland: Aunt Katerina, president of the Milano 25 Onlus association; Dogfish: sports journalist Sara Meini; Columbus: Massimo Pieraccini, Director General of the Civil Protection Operational Unit; Carabinieri: Stefano Amore, magistrate, study clerk at the Constitutional Court; Special price: Marquis Lionardo Lisci Ginori. Together with Anna Maria Iacobacci, the jury of the Lionardo Lisci Ginori Prize – as President -, Rossana Capitani, Vice-President Carlo Lorenzini’s Pinocchio Association, Lucia Livatino, Virginia Fabrizi Gori, Roberto Giacinti and Vice-President Barbara Felleca of the City Council make up.

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