Polenta: 15 recipes without meat

Discover 15 delicious meatless polenta recipes that will delight your taste buds with creative and satisfying dishes. From variations with aromatic vegetables to unusual combinations of spices, this article is the perfect guide to explore the world of polenta in a vegetarian version. Experiment with new flavors and take advantage of the tasty options that make polenta the star of healthy and tasty meals.

PUSH polenta it is a traditional peasant dish that can be prepared in many variations really easily even without meat. There are many regional cuisine recipes that include polenta with meat, but there are also various polenta recipes that are served with vegetables or legumes.

To prepare this dish, you can vary both the spices and the chosen type of polenta by choosing classic yellow corn polenta or polenta taragnawhich combines corn flour with buckwheat flour.

Here is the collection recipes for homemade polenta in many variations also suitable for vegetarians or vegans.


Polenta taragna

polenta taragna

PUSH polenta taragna It is typical food from Valtellina. It is prepared from a mixture of corn and buckwheat flour. A typical condiment is the local Casera cheese. Here is the original recipe and other variations.


Vegan polenta

broccoli polenta

Our personalized version of vegan polenta is prepared in a really simple way with broccoli, cauliflower and turmeric as a tribute to the colder months of the year, which still offer precious gifts from the garden. Here is the complete recipe.


Vegetarian polenta

You can easily make your own vegetarian polenta choose butter or cheese as a condiment and seasonal vegetables or legumes as a side dish, such as chickpeas or lentils. Choose from our recipes and experiment.


Fried polenta and lentils

fried polenta and lentils

Lentils are another traditional ingredient for preparing polenta. You can serve the polenta in small slices, fry it and then decorate it yourself lentils with sauceeven left over from the previous day.

Polenta and mushrooms

polenta and mushrooms

Mushrooms are a a typical spice for polenta especially in autumn, when it is possible to harvest them fresh. Mushrooms can be used to make a completely meat-free polenta sauce. All you have to do is prepare the polenta, fry some garlic in another pan, sauté the mushrooms, cook and voilà the dish is ready.

Baked polenta with vegetables and cheese

baked polenta, vegetables and cheese

Baked polenta with vegetables and cheese is a practical and tasty dish. A simple preparation that combines the creaminess of polenta with the healthy heart of vegetables and the deliciousness of processed cheese. Perfect for a comforting and tasty meal without too much frills. Prepare the polenta in advance, fry the garlic or onion according to your preference in a pan, then cut the vegetables (eggplant, courgettes, mushrooms, potatoes) and cook, when they are ready, put everything in the oven with a little cheese on top, which will make the whole recipe more delicious and even crunchier.

Polenta with gorgonzola

polenta with gorgonzola

One of the most popular spices for seasoning and flavoring polenta is gorgonzola which you can add to the polenta after cooking or arrange it separately on a plate as a side dish.

Polenta and beans

polenta with beans

Top the polenta with stewed beans cooked with tomatoes, garlic and rosemary to combine the carbohydrates from the corn with the plant-based protein of the legumes. You can also add some vegetables if you want.

Pumpkin and Parmesan polenta

polenta, pumpkin and parmesan

If you have pumpkin available, this is the recipe for you: polenta with butter, pumpkin, garlic, salt and parmesan. A simple and delicious dish that combines authentic flavors in a few steps, prepare polenta, you can also choose whole grain, a little more bitter, but it will contrast with the notoriously very sweet pumpkin. In the meantime, fry the diced pumpkin in garlic and add a little seasoning. This aromatic touch adds extra flavor to the dish, while the golden cooking of the garlic completes the taste experience. Finally, a sprinkling of parmesan gives the final taste and creaminess.

Baked polenta

Polenta can be sautéed baked with your favorite spices after cooking in a pan. For example, you can prepare baked polenta with beetroot, butter and cheese.

Tanning with polenta

tanning polenta

PUSH tanning polenta is polenta flavored with local mountain cheeses such as toma, fontina or taleggio. Proceed with the polenta to prepare, then five minutes after the polenta is finished cooking, salt and add the cheese pieces, stirring gently to melt completely. Meanwhile, melt the butter in a pan over low heat. Once the polenta is ready and the cheeses have melted well inside, pour it into the terracotta pans to keep the dish warm.

Grilled or grilled polenta

grilled polenta

You can fry the fried polenta grilled or grilled. This way it will be very easy to serve sliced ​​polenta as a second course.

Polenta cake with chicory

stuffed polenta

Radicchio polenta cake is a delicious culinary creation, a vegetarian recipe that combines tasty and delicious flavors. This easy-to-prepare cake is perfect for pleasing the palate during Sunday lunches or adding a festive touch to Christmas tables. You can find the complete recipe here.

Polenta canapés with chicory and hazelnuts

polenta canapés

This is a delicious recipe for reusing leftover polenta, you can prepare polenta canapés with chicory and hazelnuts, a delicious appetizer suitable for a vegan diet. Here is the complete recipe.

Polenta with seitan ragu

polenta seitan ragu

Polenta with seitan ragout turns out to be a deliciously hearty option. The enveloping softness of the polenta pairs perfectly with the richness and consistency of the seitan ragout to create a satisfying meatless dish. Find out how to prepare this delicacy, here you will find the complete ragout recipe.

Which ones are they your recipes prepare polenta without meat?

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