Post-workout proteins: why take them and in which foods to find them

Anyone sportsregardless of the discipline he practices, he knows this well: nutrition is as essential astraining stay in shape. You have to think carefully about what you eat Beforemaybe during AND After exercise to get the body back in shape, rebalance it and maximize results.

This of course also applies to the world of running and the essential role in itdiet recovery phase is covered proteins. How much protein should you consume after a run? And when to take them? We have prepared a small guide with everything you need to know about relationships with women proteins after training.

Post-workout protein: intake method

For proper recovery after training it is important to assume both i carbohydrates that proteins, find the right balance between the two. The recommended ratio is usually 3/4:1but a lot also depends on the properties of the subject, the type training and the goals you want to achieve. Specifically, they provide proteins amino acids useful for restoring muscles strained during running exercisesincreasing strength and endurance.

The right amount of protein, according to them Expertsis around 15-20 gramswith an average 0.14 grams proteins for every half kilo your body weight. In general, it is recommended to eat shortly after the end of the run in the range of approx 30 minutes: precisely in this period of time, the muscles are actually able to best absorb the proteins that restore them glycogen stores.

However, it must be said that muscles can last longer than 24 hours for full recovery, so you can incorporate some protein snacks throughout the day.

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What to eat after running training?

As hire them proteins after training? With a handful Dried Fruit, for example: especially cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios and walnuts. These foods support the recovery process and contain a mixture of protein, fat, salt, calcium and zinc, elements that are also very useful for bone health.

The salmon is a great source of lean protein and is also rich in omega-3, vitamin A, D and calcium; cannot be missed chickenwhich is recommended over pork and beef because it generally contains less saturated fatty acids: this is especially true for chestwhich is the leanest part of the animal and no wonder it is recommended for any diet.

Other than that, there is a good amount omega-6. The chicken breast it is nutritious, it helps in creation lose weight and to increase muscle mass.

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Post-workout protein: other foods

It is impossible not to mention here egg, with their combination of healthy fats and proteins and the presence of all nine amino acids. The perfect bite to eat protein after training it is the gods legumes: chickpeas, black beans, lentils but also edam. You are spoiled for choice and theirs positive effects there are many: they reduce levels cholesterolthey support gut health and contain a lot of fiber.

Obviously I’m great source of protein. Another element a favor of legumes is that they can be cooked in many ways without getting boring. Especially suitable after raceand our last advice in this matter is this greek yogurtwhich contains lots of protein and calcium and also contributes to lower blood pressure and gut health.

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