Prawns in batter for Christmas, they look like clouds because they are swollen –

Crispy Dough Prawns for Christmas Eve, Mom’s recipe but I’ve always cooked them Even as a child, I was in charge of the pancakes while everyone prepared the table, canap├ęs, salad and so on.

I was the one who fried for at least an hour at the stove outside on the patio, yes there were too many of us frying outside at mom’s and it was unthinkable to occupy the stove for an hour or so in the first place. on Christmas Eve and the other reason that wasn’t, you could fry for an hour in a kitchen of about 10 m2, in a modestly small house it was like locking yourself in a smoking room. I was destined to sit outside and fry myself with great pleasure.

And not only did I obviously fry, I also ate in the meantime, I actually arrived at the table with a very full stomach, but I loved this evening, anyway, I learned how to make the best pancake batter I’ve ever eaten in my life, in this case you I will tell you how to make dough shrimp for Christmas Eve.

Ingredients for battered shrimp

Flour 300 g

Sparkling water 300 ml



Half a teaspoon of baking soda


Method for crispy battered shrimp

The first thing you need to do is put the bottlesparkling water for 15 minutes in the freezerit must be well frozen before use to make a crispy dough

Wash the shrimp under running water, remove the head, then the legs and finally the whole shell, I also remove the intestine, which will definitely change the taste, use a small knife, make a small and invisible cut on the back and remove the intestine in one go, leaving only the tail, which You will need and then make them eat with their hands.

Now let’s go to our grab a tall salad bowl because when the beaters start sketches reach the moon.

Fold in the flour, add the salt and baking soda and slowly pour in the water, keep the mixer on medium until the flour is fully incorporated, and if the batter has reached a thickness that you feel is appropriate to dip the shrimp in, proceed with enough haste, the batter won’t stay as thick for long as now. Heat the oil and dip 4/5 shrimp into the pan one at a timeturn them over from time to time, cook for 5 minutes and drain.

Serve the crispy batter shrimp while still hot.

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