Professor Migliacci’s 7-day diet, perfect for Christmas –

How Professor Migliacci’s 7-day diet works to make you feel better before, during and after Christmas.

7-day diet how to follow it at Christmas
7 Day Christmas Diet (

Professor Migliacci’s 7-day diet, how is it applied? There are several important measures that can give us well-being and help us lose up to three kilos in a week. Also with the possibility of repeating the mentioned cycle for the next week.

In any case, it will be mandatory to seek advice from a dietician or nutritionist. This will give us the opportunity to know exactly the correct doses and other useful information adapted to our physical characteristics.

With Professor Migliacci’s 7-day diet applied before Christmas we will have the opportunity to streamline ourselves just to be ready for big holidays at the end of the year. In short, at least twice we will be completely green, so that we can be happy and cheerful at the table with our loved ones.

In the rest, however, it is good to maintain moderation when we are not on Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year. In this, the 7-day diet of Professor Migliacci will be ideal for our cleansing. How can it be passed on?

Professor Migliacci’s 7-day diet, how to follow it

7-day diet how to follow it at Christmas
A woman drinks water (

First, something important needs to be done he drinks a lot of water. With a minimum of two liters a day, we will be able to have what we need to stay hydrated, have smooth skin and prevent dehydration and water retention.

We also try to maintain consistency during any movement. Walking is the simplest basic activity that is within everyone’s reach, half an hour a day will be ideal for faster and better weight loss.

Obviously, we will then have to avoid foods that are not good for us, such as sweets and fried foods, sweetened or overly salty foods and generally packaged products, both for food and drink, alcohol and fast food.

It is much better to replace all this with fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, legumes, fish, dried fruits, pasta and rice in the right amounts, as well as meat.

A typical menu to follow and repeat

Breakfast: we choose between a cup of semi-skimmed milk, a cup of coffee, two biscuits with sugar-free marmalade. Or tea or barley as an alternative, always without sugar.

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Snack: 125 g of kiwi or low-fat yogurt with fresh seasonal fruit cut into pieces

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Lunch: select an egg with two whites, a package of 80 g of drained tuna in oil; tomatoes or lettuce or green beans; 40 g of bread or 25 g of biscuits A plate of pasta or rice, preferably whole grain and with a small amount of spices (70 grams maximum in total).

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Snack: one fresh seasonal fruit or 30 grams of almonds.

Dinner: we choose between 130 grams of chicken breast; mixed green salad or zucchini to taste; a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil. Or 140 g of baked, baked, boiled or grilled fish, with vegetables cooked in the same way, or light mozzarella about 100 grams.

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