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We make our desserts lighter with custard and without flour… but according to Ernst Knam’s advice. A perfect recipe that few people know.

We go to cooking school with Ernst Knam, the master pastry chef, who in recent weeks still participates in the Bake Off Italia competition, which, like every year, allows the public to indulge in a long series of great emotions and take risks together with the contestants in search of victory.

Ernst Knam flourless pudding - RecipeSprint
Ernst Knam Flourless Custard – RecipeSprint

At the same time, Master Knam also devotes himself to other work projects and others, as he also recently published the book The Magic and Art of Chocolate. Once again, it definitely doesn’t end there, as she continues to spread baking tips on her official Instagram page… and what will leave you speechless is the flourless pudding recipe.

Flourless Pudding Recipe by Ernst Knam

Well, yes, as we had the opportunity to explain earlier, the recipe revealed by Ernst Knam for making flourless pudding is causing a stir on social networks. It may seem like an impossible task, but it only requires the following ingredients:

340 grams of milk (preferably fresh),

2 egg yolks (about 80 grams),

60 grams of sugar,

20 grams of cornstarch,

10 grams of rice starch,

vanilla pod.

Ernst Knam flourless pudding - RecipeSprint
Ernst Knam Flourless Custard – RecipeSprint

This is how Ernst Knam pudding is prepared

The creation of this pudding is not very different from the traditional one, except that our main ingredients are precisely two types of starch: rice and corn.

So we start right away by pouring the milk into a fairly large pan, immediately add the egg yolks and mix with the sugar and vanilla pod. Before adding perfectly sifted rice starch together with corn starch, the ingredients must be dissolved and thoroughly mixed with milk. We transfer the pan to the fire, which must be low, put them all together and stir without stopping.

When the custard has thickened perfectly according to Ernst Knam’s recipe, remove from the heat and stir for a few more minutes, then add the vanilla bean and leave to cool. The goal is to have a cream which, once it comes to a boil, will be completely smooth with no citrus fruitperfectly thickened as if we had used flour.

Ernst Knam flourless pudding - RecipeSprint
Ernst Knam Flourless Custard – RecipeSprint

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This is a last minute recipe, which allows you to adapt the dessert to a gluten-free recipe especially with Christmas in mind, when we all need to please everyone at the table a little.

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