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Riccardo Camanini Edoardo Masterchef
Riccardo Camanini at MasterChef- iFood.it

Riccardo Camanini meets one of MasterChef’s most popular faces: Here’s what the celebrity chef did to an aspiring chef behind the scenes of the famous culinary talent.

Cooking is an art that mixes flavors, emotions and stories. IN video from MasterChef Italia Magazine viewers witnessed a unique moment: the meeting of Riccardo Camanini, the head chef of Lido 84, and Edoardo, the winner of MasterChef Italia 12.

On the one hand, we saw all the passion Riccardo Camanini, chef of the renowned restaurant Lido 84known for his ability to transform simple ingredients into extraordinary dishes while reviving many traditions.

His culinary philosophy is based on the essentiality and purity of flavors, an approach that has conquered the palates of critics and gastronomy enthusiasts and that has led him to become reference point of the Italian gastronomic panorama.

On the other hand Edoardo, winner of MasterChef Italia 12who showed remarkable growth over the course of the competition, going through several defeats but also many challenges that he won under pressure.

Riccardo Camanini teaches the recipe for his iconic dish to the winner of MasterChef 12

Edoardo’s passion for cooking and his determination led him to experiment and innovate, earning him the coveted title and also guaranteeing him the opportunity to work side by side with the best Italian chefs, as happened to Riccardo Camanini. Immediately after the victory of the amateur chef in the episode of the show when tried his hand at a particularly difficult Mystery Boxthe boy earned the chance to create one of the star chef’s most famous recipes with him.

Edoardo and Riccardo Camanini prepared the recipe together kidney press poached tartare, an iconic dish that perfectly embodies Camanini’s philosophy: respect for tradition with an eye always turned to innovation. The chef explains to Edoardo that this is a recipe that combines intense flavors and contrasting textures to create a unique sensory experience for the palate.

Riccardo Camanini Edoardo Masterchef
Riccardo Camanini and Edoardo at Masterchef-iFood.it

Kidney tartare poached in the press: Edoardo was taught by chef Riccardo Camanini

The dish starts with high quality beef tartare, carefully prepared and seasoned to bring out the natural flavor of the meat. Kidney, a traditional ingredient often overlooked in the modern kitchen, is expertly cooked, retaining its delicate texture and rich flavor. The tartare is then “drowned” in the kidney broth, prepared with a technique that enhances the flavor without overpowering the delicacy of the meat. The last point is the use of the press, an ancient technique that Camanini has brought back into vogue and allows the dish to be presented in a way that is visually appealing and rich in flavor.

This dish represents Camanini’s philosophy: respecting tradition but reinterpreting it in a modern tone. The choice to use kidney beans, a traditional ingredient, and combine it in an innovative way with tartare demonstrates his determination to improve every aspect of Italian cuisine, even the lesser-known ones.

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