Rimini invests in culture: approval to buy Palazzo Valloni, home of Fulgor

The Commission of the Fifth Council expressed a positive opinion on the proposed resolution that authorizes the city administration to acquire the ownership of the lands of Palazzo Valloni, the current location of the Fulgor Cinema and the Casa del Cinema Fellini Museum. With this act, the Administration assumes the exercise of the option set out in the surface rights concession contract signed with Asp Valloni Marecchia, the owner of the property.

The administration is investing 12.3 million euros in the operation, which will enable the repayment of the outstanding installments of the surface right, to which the value of bare ownership is added. The investment will be partially covered by a share of the administrative surplus of 5.8 million, with the remainder paid in two installments, the first in 2024 and the second in 2025 as the balance for the surface right.

The choice to proceed with the acquisition is the result of a discussion between the municipality of Rimini and Asp Valloni on a two-fold objective: on the one hand to achieve public interest in the evaluation of a complex of properties with central value for the cultural offer of the city such as Palazzo Valloni and on the other hand to allow ASP to repay the mortgage agreed to finance the rehabilitation work of the complex and cancel the mortgage on the property at the same time. Through this operation, ASP, a company providing social services for families, disabled and senior citizens throughout the territory, will have the ability to have the funds to continue its operations without interfering with cuts or cost increases. users.

The Commission also issued a positive opinion on the amendment of the budget for the period 2023/2025, which in the current part includes increased revenues associated with the tourist tax with an income of 600 thousand euros higher than predicted in the budget (more than 10 million income from the total tax) and an increase enforcement of tax evasion for 260 thousand euros.

With the budget change, the early repayment of mortgages for more than 1 million euros will also be funded, allowing the organization to continue to reduce debt while maintaining the balance of future budgets. The budget also covers spending on initiatives across the city that make up the program of events for the “longest New Year’s Eve in the world” (€400,000). Finally, the budget change shows a lower expenditure of 1.7 million for electricity and heat users.

In terms of investments, the maneuver counts on interventions to improve the accessibility of the Augustinians (140 thousand euros for chairs and/or stage) and funding of 50 thousand to install camera systems in some schools.

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