Rimini Mundi Prize: 12 new ambassadors welcome the future of international conferences

Twelve new ambassadors will enrich the “diplomatic corps” of the Rimini Convention Bureau Riviera, celebrated at the Fulgor cinema together with the Italian exhibition group by handing over Rimini Mundi Award.

“Conferences and congresses produce ever-increasing numbers, both in absolute terms and in terms of international – IEG CEO Corrado Peraboni said at the launch – This makes the offer of our leading hospitality segment even stronger during the year. I add another value, the cultural contamination that the knowledge from the conferences transfers to the territory and further enriches the city. We have rewarded “relationship champions” who epitomize teamwork; alone you can sometimes win, but if the action is carried out by a coherent system, you really act as protagonists in the global competitive arena”.

Ambassadors of the territory were welcomed on stage The Mayor of Rimini, Jamil Sadegholvaad: “I congratulate you for bringing expertise and passion to the city; you have specifically contributed to the support of our tourism industry. We are returning from the complicated year 2023, which finally returned positive numbers for our city. We are not stopping, the investment program aims to provide us with new multifunctional structures that will accompany us towards further development”.

Each of the award-winning ambassadors has therefore been a decisive figure, enriching the conference calendar of recent and future years with events that they have devoted themselves to and are worth around 50,000 visitors, helping to project Rimini into the ranks of ICCA’s first world cities that are important for its international conference activity.

The Ambassadors Club thus includes 74 personalities who, through their role in the professional field, play a vital role in making Rimini visible as a destination for national and international meetings and conferences.

The mayor of Rimini rewarded them Jamil Sadegholvaaddirector of social-health activities of Romagna AUSL Mirco Tamagnini, Alessia Mariotti President of the Rimini Campus of the University of Bologna and CEO of IEG, Corrado Peraboni. The Rimini Mundi Prize, sponsored by the city of Rimini and the Emilia-Romagna region, will return in 2024.

Here is the list of winners:

  1. Andrea Albani (Managing Director Misano World Circuit)

to the General Assembly and Awards Ceremony of the International Motorcycle Federation;

  1. Robert Fadda (International Dance Association)

for the Annual Congress of the International Association of Medicine and Science Applied to Dance;

  1. Gianni Indino (President of Confcommercio Rimini)

for the World Conference on General Wholesale Markets;

  1. Sebastiano Porretta (AITA – Italian Food Technology Association)

for the World Congress of the International Union of Food Science and Technology;

  1. Anna Montini (municipality of Rimini)

for the Annual Conference of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists;

  1. Giuseppe Prioli (AMA – Association of Mediterranean Aquaculturists)

for the Aquaculture Europe meeting;

  1. Claudio Vicini (AIMS – Italian Association of Sleep Medicine)

for the National Congress of Sleep Medicine;

  1. Alessandro Mularoni (Tuscany-Umbria, Emilia-Marche Society of Ophthalmology)

for the Annual Congress of Ophthalmology;

  1. Claudio Stefanelli (University of Bologna)

for the European Congress of Sports Science;

  1. Stefano Gandolfi (University of Bologna)

for the International Scientific Assembly of the Association of Geodesy;

  1. Lorenzo Marconi (University of Bologna)

for the European Robotics Forum;

  1. Antonella Antonelli (FIMP – Italian Federation of Paediatricians)

for the National Congress of the Italian Pediatric Federation.

Two special recognitions were awarded Claudio Costello AND Roberta Masini, an IEG executive who, using relationships gained in the trade fair sector, prioritized the acquisition of the World Wind Energy Congress and Switchmed Connect.

Each of the winners received a creation by the Rimini artist, goldsmith-designer Robert Fenzlo and a number of benefits.

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