Rimini, restoration of paving in the historic center, work in progress

In recent days, work on the restoration of the paving in the historic center has started. Works that mainly concern the replacement of some slabs made of stone material, the renewal of the road with the replacement of paving stones and the repair of the asphalt surface of the road in some streets adjacent to the historic center.

Since yesterday morning (November 23), the team from Anthea has been working to repair part of the Corso d’Augusto pavement and some of the surrounding streets. The reconstruction started at the intersection between Corso d’Augusto and via Gambalunga, where some slabs and paving stones had to be replaced. Work will also continue in Piazza Tre martiri and in some streets surrounding the historic center, where the asphalt has been damaged. The intervention, the conclusion of which is expected before the start of the Christmas holidays.

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