Rimini Sud, 130 million to restart: the former Enel area in the municipality and more parking

Projects for the present and future of Rimini Sud were the focus of a public meeting yesterday (Tuesday, November 21), promoted by Pro Loco of Miramare, attended by Mayor Jamil Sadegholvaad and Councilor Anna Montini.

“Comparison – explains the city administration – which served to answer questions and collect requests from citizens, more than fifty present in the room, and to outline planned or implemented interventions, proceed with urban reconstruction and strengthening of services in the entire area, for an estimated total investment of approx. 130 million euros”.

“These will be decisive years for the future of Rimini to the south”the mayor started the meeting with a list of ongoing works, especially the construction progress Marine park he was born in bathing protection plan.

In October, work began on the transformation of part 6 of the Parco del Mare from Piazzale Gondar and Via Siracusa, which will be completed in the summer. From October next year, the reconstruction of section 7 up to Via Latina will follow with a total investment of over 25 million.

At the same time, a bathing protection plan is underway, which includes the construction of two lamination tanks (Rodella and Colonnella). The most significant works that Hera is carrying out will begin after the summer, but those on the underground utilities that prepare the construction of the hydraulic work will be completed in the first months of 2024.

Other expected interventions relate to reconstruction of viale Marconi in Miramare (€500,000) to support the touristic valorization of the area through the reorganization of pedestrian paths and vehicle parking, strengthening and streamlining of public lighting, valorization of urban greenery.

There is also a plan on the availability front expansion of parking lots of Chiabrera and serving the Pertini Park, as well as the creation of a new parking area on via Cavalieri di Vittorio Veneto.

We will also start construction in 2024 cycle/pedestrian underpass on state road 16, on Via Barsanti (Fiabilandia area), which will allow the elimination of the current traffic lights, thus increasing the level of crossing safety.

In terms of services, tomorrow the City Council will approve the purchase of the property in Piazzale Decio Raggio in Miramare, which will allow, thanks to a larger space, to reorganize and strengthen registry services creation of a new function center for citizens. The plan is also to renovate and expand the nearby senior center, work already financed for 290,000 euros.

The open two-year period will be decisive for the number of projects and investments that will affect southern Rimini – remarked Mayor Sadegholvaad – works that have value both for increasing the livability, services, beauty and tourist attractiveness of the area, as well as for helping to avert the phenomena of degradation and increase the real and perceived level of safety of citizens”.

“Rehabilitation interventions – Sequel to Sadegholvaad – they are grafted onto targeted urban security actions in which the city administration is involved 365 days a year within its mandate, cooperating with the prefecture and the police, and are integrated with investments aimed at expanding the video surveillance network and strengthening public lighting, both in the most touristic areas, so in the less central ones”.

We are in the midst of a phase of change – comments the mayor – they also demonstrate new perspectives involving former maritime colonies, which are the basis of the touristic, economic and social development of the area and the city in general. We intend to to intervene directly in the former Enel colony, to acquire the territory now entrusted to the bankruptcy administrator and, in relation to the county, to reevaluate this space as a new community place with public functions for citizens and tourists”.

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