Rimini, where Bio’s Kitchen used to be, will open a new restaurant: “15 of our employees, all under 40”

From Thursday, November 23, the city of Rimini will find an important symbol of local catering, which will reopen with a new look and model.

Where Casa Colonica and Bio’s Kitchen were once, the restaurant “Convita” will open in via della Fiera 66, which aims to conquer the palates of the Rimini community and the many visitors who pass through Romagna.

“Convita” is shaped by three great protagonists of the culinary world of Romagna and beyond: Andrea Tani, who boasts important experience at the Quartopiano Suite restaurant and at L’Atollo chiringuito, Marco Tosi, who was the first to receive a Michelin star in Rimini with Acero Rosso and one of the founders of Bio’s together with, among others, Andrea Agostini, who is also part of the Terra e Sole family and is once again at his side.

Tani, Tosi and Agostini reveal all the background behind choosing “Convita” as the name of their new venture: “We chose the name ‘Convita’ because we immediately appreciated the play on the words ‘with life’. We also discovered that ‘convitare’ is also a verb meaning ‘to invite to a banquet’: a detail we immediately liked. We also wanted to place a pictogram of the Earth and the Sun on the sign to underline the connection with the philosophy of well-being, organic food and healthy nutrition, which has persisted for more than 30 years.”.

They will not be alone in conquering customers’ tastes: “We will work with about fifteen colleagues, all under 40 years of age, but with extensive experience in the dining room and kitchen as well as in organic farming – to guarantee the owners of “Convita” -. For example, our resident chef will be Ronny Gattei, a true native of Romagna who previously worked at Pietro Leemann’s Joia in Milan, the first vegetarian restaurant in Europe to win a Michelin star, and second behind Silver Succi at the Quartopiano Suite restaurant for eight years”.

From next November 23, anyone will be able to stop by “Convita” for an organic lunch full of more than 40 dishes that change daily with pulses, cereals, vegetables and seasonal vegetables served buffet style, while for dinner an à la carte menu containing 3 tastings, which are expanding to include a pizzeria; all, of course, always in the name of well-being and healthy nutrition:

“We are ready to welcome vegans and ‘carnivores’ to our restaurant without exception. We also satisfy pizza lovers with our refined and unique pizzas – say Tani, Tosi and Agostini –. The meat and ingredients present at ‘Convita’ will be of certified origin, not only organic but also ethical. Each of our dishes is meant to be a true tribute to biodiversity, sustainability and human well-being. We really appreciate the idea that we can be of service to our guests and ensure that they can eat healthy and tasty.or”.

“Convita” will not be just a restaurant, because among the projects Andrea Tani, Marco Tosi and Andrea Agostini are establishing “in an environment” that will be open to the people of Rimini, there are different forms: “On the first floor of the building, there will be a training school for skills useful for the gastronomic and hotel world, while the basement will become a cultural space, capable of holding conferences, presentations, tastings and other events in harmony with the organic world. and our philosophy. We will strive to create communities among all people who care about a healthy lifestyle and are curious about culture and knowledge.”

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