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roberto valbuzzi love escape
Roberto Valbuzzi – ifood (photo on Instagram)

Roberto Valbuzzi pinched with his great love on a romantic getaway. And it’s not about the wife. What is the chef up to?

Country cook Roberto Valbuzzi clasped in sweet company with his love, but it is not about his wife. However, the photo leaves no doubt.

Married from 2018 to Eleonora Lauritoboth are parents Alisea, born in 2020 and small Elan Gabrielborn two years later.

Beautiful, wonderful Eleanor, whom we saw appearing on television for several years before she devoted herself to family and her husband’s business.

In fact, the woman in the program was a model Hardly said than done. Today they farm together with Roberto the historic Crotto Valtellina restaurant in Malnate, in the province of Varese. Always together, in private life and at work, yet the chef preferred to run away with another love. How will the wife take it?

Roberto Valbuzzi: Escape with another love

Love between Roberto Valbuzzi and his wife Eleonora Laurito started many years ago. On the occasion of their anniversary, the chef shared several photos of them very young, complete with very sweet dedications of love. In one he wrote: “We were 2 kids with many dreams in our heads and a crazy desire to make them come true with someone by our side. One look at the pedestrian crossing on April 20, 10 years ago, was really enough to tell us that together we will make all these dreams come true.”

He then presents the shot again and accompanies it with equally loving words: “11 years today since that view of the pedestrian crossing in the center. The number 11 is said to symbolize wisdom, intuition and complete balance between body and mind. I believe I was able to find all of this only because I shared it with you. Happy anniversary, my love.”

roberto valbuzzi postal dog
Posted by Roberto Valbuzzi – ifood

A marriage proposal and elopement with another love

Big Love. A happy marriage and the wife responds to the dedication: “We met and never left each other again (…) I knew from the first sight that it would turn out this way.” So who is the love he was seen with Roberto Valbuzzi?

Don’t worry, the chef shared a beautiful photo with his followers that shows him sitting under a tree reading in the company of his beloved dog Poldo, a very sweet Pomeranian, who is sitting next to him and paying attention. Caption for the photo that drew many comments: “I’ll take a few hours of simplicity. Poldo, Trumpet Pumpkin and Light Reading”. What better company?

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