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Surely you have happened to heat food in the microwave oven and find the appliance completely dirty from splatters on the walls, which is a significant problem, but let’s not say that it is easy to solve.

Not all foods are suitable for the microwave, but it often happens that you heat something up and it doesn’t play nice for you, like in the case of food splatters inside the appliance.

This is the type of problem that is ugly to look at, but certainly easy to solve, it will be enough to pay attention to the details when we go to clean the microwave oven with this 100% natural remedy.

Splashing in the microwave oven: how to solve the problem?

Food splatter inside the microwave oven is caused by food that has a liquid or thick base. A practical example to understand what we are saying, unsurprisingly, are all the dishes that are made on the basis of tomato sauce and others.

When we heat them inside the appliance, it can happen that they start to crack with heat, a bit like cooking, but with the only difference that they are in the microwave oven and therefore splashing will completely damage it. Inevitably, and then we will be faced with stubborn dirt that needs to be removed, because it will be enough to wait a little more than a few minutes before you find that the splashes are soon clogged.

However, to completely remove them, we will only need a little water and lemon juice.

Say goodbye to splashing in the microwave forever

In the event that you’ve been reheating food that has inevitably affected your microwave by splattering, take a bowl and pour in water with the juice of half a lemon or simply the juice of a whole citrus fruit.

Then turn on the oven for five minutes at maximum power and let the lemon take effect, which performs its descaling effect by evaporation. After all, by opening the appliance after the necessary time, you will find that removing the splash will be really easy and you will only need any sponge slightly soaked in water, for example a pinch of vinegar.

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In less than 10 minutes, I would clean the microwave and not only that, I would be able to remove all the splatters, thus avoiding the formation of rings inside the appliance, which then become the main cause of the smell.

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