Sunscreens with SPF 50: these are the best and most effective according to the new French ranking

A new French test verified the effectiveness of 19 sunscreens with SPF 50 and 50+, most of which were specifically aimed at children. Here is the ranking

With the arrival of summer, protecting our skin must become an absolute priority. In addition to covering up with appropriate clothing, hats and sunglasses, using sunscreen is essential to protect exposed areas from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.

However, choosing a sunscreen that suits our needs and respects the environment can be a difficult task. A new analysis carried out by the company helps us in our selection Que Choisira French consumer magazine she subscribed to and reviewed 19 sunscreens with a protection factor of 50 and 50+intended primarily for children, and 18 creams with protection factor 30, intended for adults and people with dark skin.

All products were evaluated based on UVA and UVB protection, cosmetic qualities, composition and environmental impact.

PUSH protection against UVB and UVA radiation It is essential for sunscreen to be effective. To test it, laboratory experts used the in vivo method described in the ISO 24444:2019 standard, which provides an assessment of protection against UVB, while for UVA rays they used the in vitro method published by Cosmetics Europe.

In addition to protection, pleasant to use counted on the final evaluation of various products. Texture, ease of application, speed of absorption, white spots, sticky or greasy feel, fragrance and skin feel are all elements that are taken into account during the test.

To test these aspects, 20 people used and evaluated two products each, ultimately declaring whether they would buy this sunscreen or not.

Experts from the laboratory also looked for dangerous or not very ecological ingredients. It is important to find them read labels carefully and pay special attention to certain ingredients.

Experts stress that creams containing endocrine disruptors should never be used, especially by children, teenagers or pregnant women. In addition, products containing phenoxyethanol should be avoided in children under 3 years of age.

The presence of allergens is also common in many creams, but is generally absent in products specially designed for children. The presence of nanoparticles should also be clearly specified on the label, as their impact on health is still poorly understood.

Finally, a laboratory specialized in environmental analysis was evaluated the effect of UV filters used in creams based on different criteria, including endocrine disrupting effects on the environment, toxicity to marine organisms, risks to corals, biodegradability and bioaccumulation. Other ingredients present in the composition of the creams have also been carefully researched to ensure the selection of products that are as environmentally friendly as possible.

The 50 and 50+ sunscreen rankings

Today we’re going to focus on the 50 and 50+ sunscreen rankings and save the SPF 30 for a future article.

Consider the best products they get a “good” score, but no one gets the maximum (very good).

These the best sunscreens tested in order:

  • Avène – Intense Protect 50+
  • Biotherm – Waterlover moisturizing milk for tanning 50+
  • Corine de Farme – Lait Protecteur Visage & Corps Kids 50
  • SVR – Lait sun secure 50+
  • Avène – Spray for children 50+
  • Vichy – Capital soleil lait solaire eco-conçu 50+
  • Ouate – But fog 1,2,3 sun 4-11 ans 50
  • Mustela – sun protection spray 50
  • Zenova (Action) – Sunmilk sensitive 50+
  • Decathlon – Sun spray Solaire children 50+
  • Garnier Ambre Solaire – Lait haute protection eco-conçu 50
  • Nivea Sun – sensitive protection for babies and children 5 in 1 50+
  • Mixa – Dermo kids protect 50+
  • Lancaster – Sun Sensitive Children 50+
  • Nivea Sun – Kids Crème minerale 50+

Medium quality instead, the following were evaluated:

  • Lovea – Children’s moisturizing spray 50+
  • Yves Rocher – Solaire peau parfaite Lait-en-spray 50+
  • La Roche-Posay – Anthelios Dermo-Pediatrics Brume Invisible 50+
  • Vichy – Capital soleil Gel Peau Mouillée 50+

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Source: Que Choisir

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