Coffee grounds, free cosmetics for your beauty if you reuse them in these 3 ways

fondi di caffè

From a darkening hair mask to an anti-dark circle treatment: Here’s everything we can do for our beauty by reusing coffee grounds @123rf The coffee it is one of the most popular and appreciated drinks in our country, and although the use of machines that work with capsules or pods is becoming more and more … Read more

Natural and DIY remedies for 10 small beauty problems

maschera viso naturale

In our daily routine, we face a number of small beauty problems that can be annoying. Fortunately, nature offers a wide range of remedies that can help us solve them. Here are ten natural, DIY solutions to some of the most common beauty problems. @tverdohlib/123rf It would be wonderful to wake up every morning in … Read more

Black mask: how to prepare a black mask at home that cleanses the skin to say goodbye to blackheads

black mask

Learn how to make a charcoal face mask at home to fight impurities and make your skin glow again Among the facial masks, the so-called Black mask which promises remove black dots and impurities, making the skin healthier and smoother. Let’s find out how to make it at home and in which cases it … Read more