Turn to pesticides and the European Parliament rejects a 50% reduction by 2030


In 2020, Europe launched the Green Deal and its application in agriculture, the “Farm to Fork” strategy, which envisages a 50% reduction in pesticide use and 25% of organically cultivated farmland by 2030. The approach, which is almost in denial, first failed to stop the spread of glyphosate and then by voting against a regulation … Read more

Glyphosate: Bayer ordered to pay huge compensation to 3 farmers sickened by its herbicide

glifosato leucemia tumori

Another court defeat for Bayer. A Missouri jury ordered a multinational company to pay huge damages to 3 farmers (plus the wife of one of them) who accused the herbicide Roundup of causing non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. A few days ago, a Missouri jury handed down a historic verdict ordered Bayer to pay $1.56 billion 3 plaintiffs … Read more

Enough glyphosate: 13 associations ask Italian ministers to block authorization for use in Europe

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Thirteen associations and NGOs have sent an open letter to the ministers of the environment, agriculture and health, asking them to oppose the renewal of the authorization for glyphosate in the European Union. The request is based on new scientific evidence indicating the carcinogenic potential of glyphosate, including a study sponsored by the Ramazzini Institute … Read more

Bayer in the red nearly $5 billion on glyphosate (and interest rates)


Bayer announced that the third quarter for the company ended with a loss of 4.56 billion euros. This was mainly due to write-downs in the Crop Science division, responsible for the group’s agricultural products, due to glyphosate and increased interest rates. @Tobias Arhelger/Shutterstock Bayer begins to deal with a series of serious economic problems at … Read more

Glyphosate causes leukemia (even at “safe” doses), says the most comprehensive toxicology study ever conducted on the herbicide.

glifosato leucemia tumori

A recent international study coordinated by the Ramazzini Institute revealed that even at low doses, glyphosate-based herbicides cause leukemia in the first years of life. A finding that raises serious concerns as Europe prepares to renew its approval of glyphosate use for the next 10 years While Europe prepares to renew the authorization for use … Read more

Pesticides in Europe: Environment Commission’s vote to reduce them is positive (glyphosate remains a problem)

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The European Commission for the Environment has voted to significantly limit the use of chemical pesticides, especially those most dangerous to human health and the environment. However, the renewal of glyphosate for another 10 years has not yet been blocked, and this is a problem The European Parliament’s Environment Committee has taken an important step … Read more

Glyphosate: EU decision on use of controversial herbicide delayed for another 10 years (but Italy votes in favor)


Will it be possible to use glyphosate in Europe for the next 10 years? We’ll have to wait a few more weeks for that. An EU decision to renew a herbicide linked to several risks to health and ecosystems has been delayed after failing to reach a qualified majority. But despite pressure from environmental groups … Read more

Glyphosate, Bayer reported to the Vienna Public Prosecutor’s Office: “hid the risks for pregnant women”

Glifosato Bayer

Organizations from the European Pesticide Action Network accused Bayer of not providing all studies on glyphosate, which influenced the favorable decision of the European Commission @fotostic/123rf A vote by European Union member states, scheduled for October 12, to approve the use glyphosate in the EU over the next 15 years could be based on a … Read more

Glyphosate, lobby wins: EU proposes 10-year extension to continue its use


The European Commission has proposed a ten-year extension of the use of glyphosate in the European Union, based on the findings of the EFSA that the herbicide is safe. @ilixe48/123rf Bad news is coming regarding glyphosate. Already in July, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) published the conclusions of the joint risk assessment carried out … Read more