#RosemaryWater: Does TikTok’s viral rosemary water really work for hair care?

rosemary water

Rosemary water is trending on TikTok as a miracle hair treatment – ​​but does it really work? Let’s try to clarify yet another viral trend @Tick Tock One of the latest hair care trends becoming popular on social networks is the so-called “Rosemary water”, or rosemary water: it is a natural agent that promotes hair … Read more

I’m a chemist and I’ll explain why your hair gets frizzy in the summer

Capelli ricci

Curly hair and moisture: the science behind the glamorous secret of unruly hair @Emir Kaan Okutan/Pexels Who has curly hair, knows well that every day is a surprise: will they be soft and defined, or curly and rebellious? And why does it change so much based on weather and humidity? The teacher answered these questions … Read more