The best makeup brands: our pick

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The best budget makeup brands

There are many young brands that deliberately keep prices low. They are characterized by smart solutions, fresh and effective communication. If best known as Rimmel London, Essence, Catrice AND Max Factor they chose to distribute on a large scale, others were born together with communities of enthusiasts and penetrated Generation Z. For example? Elf cosmetics, vegan, cruelty-free, clean and average price between 4 and 10 euros and just arrived in Italy. Also on sale in Douglas, there too Cosmetics Lamel, a brand dedicated to creating bold and colorful makeup, playing and experimenting without rules. The Myth of Utopia palette has everything, the name is a promise: to turn dreams into reality for a small price.

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The best English brands

Founded by celebrity and model make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury, the brand is all about the extreme radiance the products can give the skin. If you love shimmery effects and all-over highlighters, the brand at Sephora won’t disappoint: from Hollywood Flowless Filter foundation to Pillow Talk nude pink lipstick.

America’s best brands

More shiny

Born in 2014, the brand with a very Instagrammable soft pink aesthetic immediately offered products modern necessities: practical, functional, able to respond to individual beauty in every situation. Cosmetics born after listening to people’s needs and active conversation on social networks and the blog from which it all began.

Among the best sellers available are Cloud PaintBlush in a tube with a cream formula, Milk Jelly Cleanser, a facial cleanser with a dual formula to remove make-up and oily residue from the face. is it still Futuredew, an oil serum halfway between makeup and skin care that gives the skin a long-lasting glassy glow. As? It contains some of the most hydrating active ingredients in skin care, such as glycerin, squalane and hyaluronic acid and Stretch Fluid Foundation + Stretch Balm Concealer available in 32 shades.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Soare is the founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills, the reference brand for keeping eyebrows in order. In fact, he created the golden ratio eyebrow shaping method, a technique that allows you to give your eyebrows the right shape to match your face. Eye palettes and corrector also apply.

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