The number of female entrepreneurs in Rimini is growing: “But progress is needed for salaries, protection and cultural values”

According to data from the Gender Observatory of the Province of Rimini in 2023, approximately 22% of the total number of companies active in the Province of Rimini are led by women.

Cristina Vizzini, president of Confartigianato Donne Impresa, announced this in a note, who also announced the participation of representatives of the business movement in the march against violence scheduled for Saturday, November 25 in Rimini. Confartigianato Donne Impresa also participates in the organization.

“Our system— explains Cristina Vizzini – promotes self-entrepreneurship as an expression of talent and creativity and full personal fulfillment through craft work. A small Italian business is the ideal place to cultivate and achieve full economic and social independence. We are always next to women every day, on Saturdays more than ever.”

Returning to the Gender Observatory’s data for 2023, the report highlights the absence of negative effects from the pandemic period: women’s businesses actually continue to grow. As of 31/12/2022, there are 7,707 of them, mostly individuals (62.9%). Almost all companies (80.3%) have an exclusive rate of presence of women. For female employees, the observatory reports a share of 48.1%, i.e. higher than the regional (44.1%) and national (42.4%) values.

“Major strides need to be made in the remuneration and protection system – concludes Cristina Vizzini – but we can never relax the tension in affirming cultural values, especially among young people, because violence is the tip of the iceberg that hides everyday wrongs and abuses. Let women entrepreneurs be even more united in this fight for personal freedom and expression and promote a culture of respect to fight violence.”

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