The rule for applying red lipstick according to Jennifer Lopez

The red lipstick it won’t be “pure avant-garde” for the Christmas holidays – to quote a famous film – and yet it’s hard to do without it (and not only in this magical period). In a single pass, it is able to give the look an instant look lure joyful, lively, elegant and why not, even sensual.

However, in order for it to give the desired result, it is necessary be very precise in your application. Everyone has their own personal technique, incl Jennifer Lopez who just a few days ago published a video on Instagram in which he shows step by step his method, which differs in particular for one product, the so-called lip contour pencil.

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Compared to the most common application methods, which usually involve contouring the lips with a red pencil before applying her lipstick, J Lo seems to be going against the grain by using, neutral flesh-colored pencil.

Make Up Forever

Artist Color Pencil – Multipurpose pencil

Specifically, the singer uses Artist Color Pencil Tuner for eyebrows, eyes and lips Make Up For Ever, a multi-purpose product designed for eyes, lips and eyebrows. «Makes lips fuller and fuller» says the star after contouring them and slightly exceeding the natural profile. After all, J Lo, in addition to being a master of the glow, is also a known lover of lip liner, a technique that involves lining the perimeter of the lips with a darker pencil and leaning out a little for a voluminous effect in full nineties style. .

At this point the artist continues lipstick. “I put it in the middle, then I take a lip brush and soften the corners,” she says as she dresses her lips in a red evoking icon like Marilyn Monroe, Gwen Stefani or Taylor Swift, real red lips addict.

Armani beauty

Lip Power Matte 400


L’Absolu Rouge Intimatte – 289 French plush


Rouge G – Roaring Red 234

Next step? An application of one of the key products of her J Lo Beauty brand, viz Beso balm, a lip balm that hydrates and nourishes and creates a smoothing effect. “It’ll amp up the look,” Jennifer Lopez explains as she dabs it on her flaming lips.



Le Rouge Deep Velvet

A few steps for a lively look with a creamy finish, perfect for the whirlwind of parties, lunches and dinners that are just around the corner. Although in reality it is a timeless ally, there are those who do not know the seasons or trends red lipstick remains the most functional beauty gem even for Christmas.


Satin Red Lipstick No. 2

Diego de la Palma

A super matte matte lipstick

Max Factor

Color Elixir 24HR Moisture – Ruby Tuesday

A faithful ally of many celebrities, its bright and vibrant color will brighten up the lips, but not only that. Red lipstick brightens and opens up the look. All that remains is to apply.

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